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hush little polar bear book

Beautiful illustrations and rhyming verses tell of a girl drifting to sleep with her baby bear, while imagining the bear exploring, sailing and climbing, then finally returning home. Read this charming book with a child -- it makes the perfect end to a busy day. 40 pages.

mom's one line a day book

Busy moms love this journal. It's meant for recording just a few lines every day, with each date page having space for 5 years of entries. What a wonderful way to look back over the years! This beautiful keepsake has a padded cover, gold-edged pages and a ribbon bookmark. 372 pages.

eyelet ruffle tote bag

A lovely way to dress up an adventure is to take this ruffled canvas tote along. Roomy and well made, it has an inside pocket, reinforced stitching and finished seams. Measures 12" x 14" x 3". Cotton. Machine wash. Imported.

lincoln tells a joke book

We all know about the log cabin, stovepipe hat and Gettysburg Address. But few of us were aware that our 16th president loved to tell silly stories, tell jokes and puns, and read funny books. This unique biography reveals how his rich sense of humor helped him thrive during trying times. 40 pages.

around the year book

Beloved author and illustrator Tasha Tudor treats us to a year's worth of seasonal celebrations. Sledding, picnics, autumn fairs . . . the excursions are beautifully illustrated in Tudor's delicate style. It's a book to savor all year long. 64 pages.

the sports book

Game, set and match goes to this fabulous "bible" for sports buffs. Its 456 pages cover more than 200 sports -- the rules, tactics and techniques for winning. Astonishingly comprehensive and up-to-date. The cover is even textured like a football. Who on your gift roster might enjoy this?

the big sibling book

Designed to help a firstborn child get excited about being a big sibling, this journal is "baby's first year according to me!" Big brother (or sister) fills in answers to interview questions, details about baby's firsts, and lots more. A unique perspective on baby's first year, and a terrific keepsake. 96 pages.

this is ireland book

Open the pages and step onto the Emerald Isle. This classic guide for children -- originally published in 1964 -- has been updated with modern information. Kids can read about the history and culture of Ireland, discover Dublin, Clonmacnois, and spot leprechauns among the whimsical illustrations. 64 pages.

how to find fairies pop-up book

Every visit to a garden will become a magical adventure, thanks to this treasure book. Through breathtaking pop-ups, children learn where to find tiny winged fairies and their homes among flowers and trees. Its pages are filled with fold-outs, flaps, maps and surprises. 14 pages.

easter parade pop-up book

Colorful and bright, the elaborate pop-ups in this book will delight young readers. Animal families gather to watch the parade floats go by. The grand finale? The Easter bunny's arrival! 14 pages.

maps book

Get settled in your favorite chair, because this beautifully illustrated atlas will hold your attention for a long time. It a collection of 52 detailed maps that note national dishes, costumes, animals and buildings, as well as borders and place names. Captivating! Measures 15" x 11". 109 pages.

super heroes pop-up book

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other DC Comics' classics come to life via super-duper pop-ups. This ultimate book contains tons of cool facts, illustrations and even novelty touches like a light-up bat signal and twirling lasso. 12 pages and over 25 awesome pop-ups.