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Dinosaur Costume

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Travel back in time to when humongous dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Your awesome T. rex is costumed in a soft patterned bodysuit with "scales," a long tail and attached shoecovers. T. is for teeth -- check out the pointy set on your hood! Bet those eerie eyes don't miss a trick either. Polyester, polyurethane. Imported. 2-pc. colossal t. rex boys costume set includes: - bodysuit - hood

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You'll turn heads with this triple-horned costume, because the "terrible lizard" is actually pretty awesome! You wear a soft jumpsuit with attached hands, feet and tail. The separate headpiece has the unique skull shape that identifies you as the famous prehistoric herbivore (but you knew that, right?). Polyester. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - jumpsuit -headpiece

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Your discovery amazed experts -- not because your skeleton is 3-D (everyone knows dinosaurs aren't flat), but because every bone is intact. From head to feet, each one has survived thousands of years. As the prehistoric dino, you wear a shirt and pants with bones, and over it a soft headpiece, belt, tail, legs, hands and feet. Polyester, polyurethane. Dinosaur skeleton boys costume is imported. 11-pc. set includes: - headpiece - shirt - pants - belt - tail - legs - hands - feet

This cutesy-pie dragon is all charm and no fire. She wears a polka dot plush bodysuit, headpiece and cute claw shoecovers. Polyester. Imported. 4-pc. set includes: - headpiece - bodysuit - shoecovers

Say hello to this little charmer! He's all cuddled up in a plush bodysuit with attached hood and soft spikes. Polyester. Imported.

We all know some strange creatures roamed the Earth millions of years ago, and this has to be one of the strangest. It's part dog, part stegosaurus, and totally hilarious. Costume includes a foam padded jumpsuit and headpiece. Polyester. Imported. Sizes xs (8"L dog), s (12"L dog), m (16"L dog). 2-pc. set includes: - headpiece - jumpsuit

Female dragons are obviously the more colorful of the species. This particular one is decked out in a brilliant dress with purple top, sparkly tutu and attached tail. Her red shrug flaunts wings and a horned hood, while the sleek glovelets and leg warmers are topped with scales. Jewelry adds sparkle and a purse holds candy or her dragon-necessities. Polyester. Imported. 6-pc. set includes: - dress with attached tail - shrug with wings & hood - glovelets - leg warmers accessories sold separately: - red sequin choker with purple stone - red sequin ball earrings - dragon purse - purple sparkle shoes

exclusively ours

Cue the "Jaws" soundtrack. Your little great white shark prowls the neighborhood in a hooded gray bodysuit, complete with fin, tail and pointy teeth. Watch your hands when you dole out candy to him! Polyester. Imported.

exclusively ours

If you dig dinosaurs, you can live among them as a cave boy! This prehistoric faux fur tunic and elastic-waist pants have ragged edges. Slip on the bootcovers, armbands, tooth necklace and take your club along for a night of trick-or-treating. (The holiday is much, much older than first thought.) Acrylic-polyester. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - tunic - pants accessories sold separately: - tooth necklace - cave boy club - cave kids armbands - cave boy bootcovers