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pink glitter fairy girls costume

A girl can look "fairy" pretty in pink! Flowers and gold trim the bodice, while fairy dust glistens on the lush tulle skirt. Comes with matching 18" wings. Complete her pink fairy dream with the sparkly tiara and wand. Nylon-polyester. Imported. 2-pc. costume set includes: - dress - wings accessories sold separately: - pink gem garland tiara - pink gem garland wand - gold sequin shoes A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.


Make a welcome home for fairies, and there's a good chance you'll attract the tiny visitors. Place the door against a wall (it can only be opened by a fairy) to invite them into your home. Includes a bottle of glitter to sprinkle around. 5" x 8". Polyresin. Imported.

diamond fairy girls costume

only at chasing fireflies

Are diamonds a girl's best friend? We think this spectacular Diamond Fairy might be instead! She's a magical confection in her white gown with ruched satin bodice, diamond embellishments, sheer puff sleeves and sparkling tulle skirt. Diamonds adorn her from tiara to wings to toes. Shown with petticoat. Polyester. Imported. accessories sold separately: - diamond tiara - silver sparkle necklace - silver sparkle earrings - diamond bindi - diamond fairy wings - sparkly bracelet - petticoat A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

lavender flower fairy girls costume

only at chasing fireflies

Your imagination will conjure up that heavenly lavender fragrance when this Flower Fairy™ is nearby. Her skirt petals rest on lush tulle, while dainty blossoms adorn her waist, flower staff and the garland in her hair. Fairy dust gives her wings a hint of sparkle. Don't forget her satin shoecovers. Polyester. Imported. girls costume accessories sold separately: - lavender flower fairy garland - lavender flower fairy wings - lavender fairy flower staff - flower fairy shoecovers A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

fancy firefly girls costume

only at chasing fireflies

Twinkle, twinkle, in the night. You're enchanting in sparkly green tulle with sequin skirt overlay. Complete your firefly fantasy with all the sparkly accessories. Polyester-spandex. Imported. accessories sold separately: - fancy firefly antennae - lime sequin ball earrings - lime sequin choker with lime stone - fancy firefly wings - fancy firefly glovelets A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

flower fairies party

If your little pixie loves the Flower Fairies, or wants an enchanting celebration, this party is filled with magic. Garland, wall stickers, treat bags -- you can even get an exclusive Flower Fairy costume for her playtime long after the party is over. (Purchased separately $35; save $7!) Pick a pack to start -- it has all the partyware you'll need. It's easy, convenient and a great value. (Items listed in this party pack may be purchased separately.) pack includes: * 12 flower fairies plates (9") * 12 flower fairies plates (7") * 20 flower fairies napkins (6") * 12 flower fairies paper cups * 1 candy pink paper tablecover (54" x 108") * 24 light pink plastic forks * 24 light pink plastic spoons A Wishworks party from Chasing Fireflies.

dreamy dragonfly girls costume

only at chasing fireflies

As this dreamy dragonfly, you're a sheer delight! It's hues of blue for you, with a sparkly dress of tulle and shimmery organza. Also beautiful: a twinkly antennae headband, glovelets, choker and earrings. Spectacular iridescent wings carry you from place to place. Polyester. Imported. girls costume accessories sold separately: - dreamy dragonfly antennae - dreamy dragonfly wings - dreamy dragonfly glovelets - silver sequin choker with light blue stone - silver sequin ball earrings - silver sparkle shoes A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

disney pirate fairy tinker bell girls costume

Don't blink, or you'll miss this Pirate Tink, off to rescue her fairy friend Zarina and the magic pixie dust that helps them all fly. She wears a shimmering dress with pink pirate-style top, attached Tink cameo, belt and petal skirting. Her wings are detachable for easy fairy travel and care. Polyester. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - dress with belt - wings accessories sold separately: - disney tinker bell sword A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

candy fairy headband

only at chasing fireflies

Candies and a fluff of tulle make a very sweet combination. Imported.

watermelon fairy girls costume

Meet a delightfully sweet fairy. She flits about in a frilly pink and green tutu dotted with seeds. A matching headband, glovelets, leggings and wings are a refreshing combination. Jewelry adds sparkle, and a watermelon handbag's perfect for candy or tiny treasures. Polyester-nylon. Imported. accessories sold separately: - watermelon fairy headband - green sequin choker with hot pink stone - green sequin ball earrings - watermelon fairy wings - watermelon fairy glovelets - watermelon fairy handbag - watermelon fairy leggings - green sparkle shoes A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

autumn leaves fairy girls costume

only at chasing fireflies

As evenings lengthen and temperatures cool, this lovely fairy makes her appearance. She's a fluffy confection of taffeta leaves and tulle, radiant in fall colors, with an attached petticoat. Especially magical are her matching wings, tiara, wand and delicate autumn-leaf jewelry. Polyester. Imported. accessories sold separately: - autumn leaves fairy tiara - autumn leaves fairy choker - autumn leaves fairy earrings - autumn leaves fairy wand - autumn leaves fairy wings - gold sparkle shoes A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

striped gourd cottage

Invite magical fairies into the secret places of your garden by creating a charming place for them to live. This whimsical gourd cottage is beautifully detailed, and made of weather-resistant resin. An enchanting accent for your garden, or in Grandma's. Measures 8" x 5" x 5". Imported.