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tree frog childrens costume

only at chasing fireflies

Hop down from that tree and wrap your long skinny fingers around some candy! Costumed in this amazing bodysuit made of iridescent colors, you'll find it has attached hands and is lined with lightweight fleece. The separate headpiece has bulging eyes and a v-e-r-y long tongue (bugs, beware!). Bright orange webbed shoecovers are included. Polyester-spandex, polyester. Imported. 4-pc. set includes: - bodysuit - headpiece - shoecovers A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

kermit the frog baby costume

Kermit the Frog here! If you've got a Kermit fan, he'll be thrilled to wear this romper and frog headpiece. Polyester. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - headpiece - romper A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

my pet frog balloon

Once filled with helium, this cute balloon will "hop" along behind you like a pet. Specially weighted feet create the illusion of leaping. Ribbit! Ribbit! Measures 22" x 15".

frogs mylar balloon

Wish your little froggy a happy birthday with this 18" mylar balloon. Fill it with helium and it's sure to be a hit. Ribbit!

red-eyed tree frog foam hat

This silly foam hat will have guests climbing trees and hopping off into the jungle. It's the perfect accessory for a good time. EVA foam.

frogs paper cups (set of 8)

Colorful jungle frogs adorn these fun cups, and help wish your child a happy birthday.

frog sippy straw

Here's a cute twist on the basic straw: a little green frog supports the straw and perches on the rim of a cup. Frog is removable for washing.

6" frogs happy birthday napkins (set of 18)

With all these bright and friendly frogs around, your kid is sure to have a "hoppy" birthday.

wind-up swimming frog

This little wind-up toy is sure to make water more fun. Just wind him up and watch him swim.

green leaf felt table runner

only at chasing fireflies

Add jungle foliage to your party table with this felt table runner. It measures 70" x 13".

li'l tree froggy baby costume

Tropical amphibians are adorable too -- just look at those silly feet! The soft bodysuit has inseam snaps and comes with separate hood and "webbed" booties (sizes 3t and 4t have shoecovers).. Polyester. Imported. 4-pc. set includes: - hood - bodysuit - booties A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

red-eyed tree frog chomper

Watch out for this little guy -- he might just dive into the birthday cake! Bright plastic with spring-loaded jaws that shut when you pull on his arms.