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You may prefer to stick around the garden for most of the year, but on Halloween you step out in your garden gnome finest. Start with the tunic, pants and bootcovers, then add the belt, pouch, your pointy hat (with attached ears) and beard. The inflatable belly rounds out your look. Polyester. Imported. 9-pc. set includes: - hat with ears - beard - tunic - inflatable belly - belt - pouch - pants - bootcovers A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

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This Halloween, sneak out of the garden for a night on the town. Your garden gnome wears a Dutch-style dress (note the toadstools and ricrac trim on the apron), a yellow yarn wig, pointy hat, and "wooden shoe" shoecovers. Polyester. Imported. 6-pc. set includes: - hat - yarn wig - dress with attached apron - pettiskirt - shoecovers A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

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only at chasing fireflies

Look closely near the forest floor and you might spot a wee gnome atop a mushroom! This cute imp is dressed in a bodysuit that's attached to the mushroom (cleverly designed like a hoop skirt so walking is easy). Includes a separate hat with attached beard. Polyester. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - hat with attached beard - bodysuit A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

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Fairies believe in gnomes, so give one a home in your garden. You may attract a fairy friend. 2". Polyresin. Imported.

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Everyone loves a waterfront picnic, including fairies. If you set a place to relax, eat and play a game of croquet, one or two may just drop by for a visit. A garden gnome welcomes them. They can enjoy a grilled meal and glass of lemonade, followed by a leisurely ride in a rowboat. On a sunny day, there are few things a fairy'd rather do than go for a relaxing row. Put this charming rowboat and oars in your garden so a fairy can enjoy some time on the water. 8". Wood. Imported.