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uglydoll® centerpiece & confetti kit
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This kit lets Uglydolls run rampant all over your table (the kids will love it!). Comes with one 12" centerpiece and two 7" centerpieces, plus an assortment of little confetti pieces to sprinkle over the table.

uglydoll® tin racer (assorted)
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How do Uglydolls get around? In these fun tin cars, of course. Each 5" car has a friction motor to get it zooming around. Assorted styles; each is full of whimsical Ugly detail. Whether you order 1 or several, we'll do the selecting for your party.

uglydoll® party
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Everyone's favorite dolls are here to celebrate your kid's birthday. Decorate in Ugly style, with giant character balloons, partyware, and of course a few UglyDolls themselves. Get caps and masks for everyone—ugly never looked so cute! Serve up party fun with these colorful Uglydoll plates. A Wishworks party from Chasing Fireflies.

uglydoll® card game
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Wage . . . Ice Bat . . . Tray . . . Wage . . . Wage! Kids take turns flipping over the cards to reveal different Uglydolls. Watch out, though -- when 3 matching cards are facing up, kids grab as many as they can. The one with the most cards at the end of the game wins. This award-winning game teaches kids about matching and hand-eye coordination, all while having a ton of fun.

uglydoll® rubber bracelets (set of 4)
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Get an assortment of fun rubber bracelets that show off kids' favorite uglydoll characters.

superman uglydoll®
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This super-soft crime-fighter puts a new spin on superheroes. Superman Uglydoll is dressed to fight crime and serve justice in his gold belt, chest logo and satin cape (who needs handsome chiseled looks sported by the movies' leading men?). He's so ugly he's irresistibly cute. Measures 11" x 7" x 2". Polyester. Surface wash. Imported.

uglydoll® cups (set of 8)
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Juice tastes so much better in these colorful Uglydoll cups.

6" hanging fan decorations (set of 5)
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Add some color to your party with these intricate hanging fans. Easy to assemble; assorted colors.

16" hanging fan decoration
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Add some festive color to your party with this intricate hanging fan. Easy to assemble.

uglydoll® add-an-age birthday garland
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Decorate in Ugly style with this colorful banner. You can personalize it with your child's age -- the kit contains 2 of each number (0-9), plus the endings nd, th, and more. Garland measures 7'.

uglydoll® clip-on plush (assorted)
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These funny little dolls come with a clip -- perfect for attaching to backpacks and more. About 4". It comes in assorted styles, so whether you order 1 or several, we'll do the selecting for your party.

ox® 12" uglydoll®
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This stuffed plush may be strange looking, but it's utterly huggable and kids love it.