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At Chasing Fireflies, we believe kids Halloween costumes are more than just dress-up: they’re vehicles for a child’s imagination to take flight. Finding the right kids costume can be a daunting process, especially if you’ve got a little one who’ll settle for no less than perfection. Luckily, Chasing Fireflies’ costumes for kids will delight even the pickiest princess or pirate, are built to last for years of dress-up play and are designed to be age appropriate.

Playing pretend is a year-round, full-time occupation! Rainy days spent indoors get a little bit sunnier when kids can play hide-and-seek dressed as ninjas (extra sneaky), or bake cookies in the guise of the candy fairy. Halloween costumes for kids allow imaginations to roam free all year long by bringing that creativity and free-wheeling spirit to everyday play. Our selection of the best kids Halloween costumes helps little ones become whatever they want to be: a doctor saving lives, a character from their favorite movie, a famous figure from history... We even offer personalized, design-your-own costumes for kids that bring little ones’ dreams to life just the way they imagined.

If Halloween is a family tradition in your house, why not try one of our kids Halloween costumes that is part of a family set? You could be a whole gang of swashbuckling pirates, a family of silly sock monkeys or even characters from your family’s favorite movie. From the littlest babies to mom and dad, Chasing Fireflies’ Halloween costumes have the whole family covered.

Previously known as Wishcraft, we are always adding to our collection of Chasing Fireflies’ costumes with new exclusive designs and partnerships each year. We know kids are constantly exploring new roles and are here to help their dreams take flight all year long.


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