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floral southern...

only at chasing fireflies

Your southern belle will charm everyone in her wide-brimmed hat with fancy red bow. Imported.

grecian goddess...

only at chasing fireflies

Top your tresses with a circlet of golden leaves to complete the Grecian goddess look. Imported.

spider headband

Certain to creep out friends and family. A giant glittered spider sits atop the attached headband, surrounded by feathers and wicked webbing. Additional materials include Styrofoam, wire, felt and fabric. Measures 9" x 13". (Skull not included). Imported.

haunted raven top...

A creepy black raven nests on the brim of this black top hat. Pair the topper with a black cloak for an easy, yet eerie, Halloween ensemble. Imported.

girl archer circlet

only at chasing fireflies

Your brave archer wears a gold circlet dotted with gemstones. Imported.

storm cloud hat

only at chasing fireflies

Enrobed in swirling clouds of gray tulle, this broad hat has rhinestones cascading like raindrops. Imported.

sweet scarecrow hat

only at chasing fireflies

Pop this frayed-edge straw hat on your sweet scarecrow. A raffia band and patches give it a weathered look. Imported.

lights & sounds...

No need to make pretend sound effects -- this adjustable hard helmet does it for you! Lights up, too. Just flip the switch. 1.5V battery included. Imported.

breakfast at tiffany...

only at chasing fireflies

Polish your look with a dramatic, wide-brimmed hat with cream scarf. Imported.

rainbow pegasus...

only at chasing fireflies

A mane in rainbow shades flows from this headband, which is topped with a golden horn. Imported.

pink jeweled...

From the royal treasure chest, a breathtaking headpicec of rhinestones and pink faux jewels. Wear it on special occasions (especially Halloween). Imported.

southern belle hat

only at chasing fireflies

A wide brim and long mint chiffon scarf. She'll look pretty as a peach. Imported.