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Costume Presale
costume & dress-up
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princess cleopatra...

Even at a young age, you're destined for greatness as Cleopatra. Your dress with printed jewelry, attached collar and arm drapes is the latest in ancient Egyptian fashion. How regal you look in your sequined and jeweled headpiece and hieroglyphic-print leggings. Polyester. Imported. 3-pc. set includes: - headpiece - dress - leggings A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

feather flamingo...

This fluffy costume has so many feathers, you just might fly! Pink plumes cover every inch of the bodysuit, and its wings spread out when you lift your arms. A plush beak tops the matching hood. Polyester, feathers. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - bodysuit - hood A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

dark cleopatra girls...

Your queen of ancient Egypt has a dark, mysterious side. Dress the part in this black satin top with attached sheer cape, and leggings with ancient designs on the sides. An ornate collar frames your face and a gold belt with sheer netting accents your waist. Glovelets are included. Adorn your royal self with a dark wig and gold snake accessories. Polyester. Imported. 6-pc. set includes: - top with attached cape - leggings - collar - belt - glovelets accessories sold separately: - layered wig - snake armband - snake staff

little rag doll...

only at chasing fireflies

In her pinafore-style floral dress with white apron and separate bloomers, your little doll is sure to charm. A mop of red yarn hair and striped tights give her old-fashioned look plenty of whimsy. Take your sweet doll out to play on Halloween! Polyester, cotton. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - dress - bloomers accessories sold separately: - red yarn wig - red & white stripe tights - sweet mary janes A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

personalized car hop...

only at chasing fireflies

Your queen of the diner will be dishing up burgers and milkshakes with '50s flair. Her cute uniform's a twirly skirt, blouse and apron. Personalize it (maximum 12 characters) and, well -- delish! Add her flip wig and all the accessories to complete the menu. Polyester. Imported. Please allow 2 weeks for personalization. 3-pc. set includes: - blouse - skirt - apron accessories sold separately: - black flip wig - car hop hat - black cat-eye glasses - black chiffon scarf - saddle shoes

pretty pumpkin girls...

We picked the most magical pumpkin in the patch for you! This satin dress with ruched bubble-skirt and armbands looks super-cute. Outfit your "punkin" with an orange wig, stemmed headband, choker, tights and matching treat bag. Then get out the camera! Polyester. Imported. 3-pc. set includes: - dress - armbands accessories sold separately: - pretty pumpkin headband - orange wig - lime sequin ball earrings - lime sequin choker with orange stone - fashion solid tights - pretty pumpkin treat bag - pumpkin sparkle shoes

pinky poodle baby...

Take your stylish French pup for a walk and show her off. Curly embellishments cover the bodysuit, floppy-eared hood, wristbands and anklets. Dotted grosgrain bows add a grrrly touch -- even her tail has one! Add a pink tee and tights so she looks très adorable. Polyester. Imported. 6-pc. set includes: - bodysuit - hood - wristbands - anklets accessories sold separately: - light pink tee - pink tights A Wishcraft costime from Chasing Fireflies.

venus flytrap boys...

only at chasing fireflies

Bug alert! Approach this creepy plant with caution. Your one-of-a-kind Venus flytrap wears a green bodysuit with attached foam terra cotta pot draped with leaves. The amazing headpiece opens to form the lobes of a leaf, complete with cilia around the edge and a giant fly dangling inside! (Which is removable, by the way.) Polyester, polyurethane. Imported. 3-pc. set includes: - bodysuit - headpiece - fly A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

womens pink go-go...

only at chasing fireflies

It's a mod, mod, mod world, Mom! You're swingin' in this geometric minidress. Accessorize like it's the '60s. Polyurethane-polyester. Imported. accessories sold separately: - pink flip wig - white sequin ball earrings - go-go bracelet set - womens white go-go boots A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

cave woman costume

only at chasing fireflies

Travel back 100 million years (give or take), in this one-of-a-kind cave costume. You're clothed in a soft faux fur dress. And did you know that long before diamonds were a girl's best friend, tooth accessories were? Go wild, mom! Acrylic-polyester. Imported. accessories sold separately: - tooth earrings - tooth necklace - tooth bracelet/anklet A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

bumblebeauty girls...

Meet the queen bee. She flits about in a lush two-toned dress with lots of sparkles. Matching glovelets adorn her wrists. All the bee-boppin' accessories transform her into one bee-dazzling creature. Nylon-polyester. Imported. 3-pc. set includes: - dress - glovelets accessories sold separately: - black head boppers - black sequin choker with yellow stone - bumblebee sequin earrings - bumblebeauty wings - black & yellow stripe tights - bumblebee shoes A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

cave man costume

only at chasing fireflies

You live among dinosaurs as a caveman. Our prehistoric faux fur tunic and elastic-waist pants have ragged edges. Add a tooth necklace and club along for the full effect. Acrylic-polyester. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - tunic - pants accessories sold separately: - tooth necklace - tooth bracelet/anklet - cave boy club A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.