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brave gladiator boys...

only at chasing fireflies

Harken back to the ancient days of colosseums, chariot races and cheering crowds. Your brave gladiator suits up in a tunic with metallic silver chest plate, detachable cape, and black pants. Outfit him in a matching headpiece and sword -- let the games begin! Polyester-polyurethane, polyester. Imported. 3-pc. set includes: - tunic - cape - pants accessories sold separately: - wooden sword - brave gladiator helmet A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

swamp monster boys...

only at chasing fireflies

This slimy creature has crawled out of his lair in search of . . . candy! He wears a bodysuit decorated with gold and green scales and spiny frills. A scaly hood, webbed gloves and attached shoecovers complete his monstrous look. Note that his spindly webbed fingers are perfect for extracting candy from unsuspecting bystanders. Guard your stash. Polyester. Imported. 4-pc. set includes: - bodysuit - hood - webbed gloves A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.


only at chasing fireflies

It's a long, long, long way to come for trick or treating, but who'd dare question this eerie Extraterrestrial? He wears a metallic silver jumpsuit, and lime bulbous-shaped headpiece that fastens under the chin. Wide straps crisscross to hold the round metallic foam spaceship in place (it's easy to slip out of and move around). Matching hands and feet create an out-of-this-world creature. Polyester-elastane, polyester. Imported. 7-pc. set includes: - jumpsuit - headpiece - hands - feet - spaceship A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.


only at chasing fireflies

Look closely near the forest floor and you might spot a wee gnome atop a mushroom! This cute imp is dressed in a bodysuit that's attached to the mushroom (cleverly designed like a hoop skirt so walking is easy). Includes a separate hat with attached beard. Polyester. Imported. 2-pc. set includes: - hat with attached beard - bodysuit A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

giant cyclops boys...

only at chasing fireflies

Here's your chance to give 'em the evil eye, big time. Turn yourself into this gruesome green cyclops. Our costume comes with a green muscle shirt, tattered tunic and burlap pants, thick rope belt, green shoecovers, not to mention a hood with soft teeth and bulging eye. Off you go, step . . . by step . . . by step. Polyester-spandex, cotton. Imported. 7-pc. set includes: - hood - muscle shirt - tunic - pants - belt - shoecovers A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

popcorn childrens...

only at chasing fireflies

This costume will really butter 'em up when you ring the doorbell on Halloween! The classic red-and-white striped bodysuit (or is that boxsuit?) slips on you easily, and has roomy armholes. Fluffy kernels nestle around the top, and a matching headpiece straps on with Velcro®. Snack time! Polyester. Imported. A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

boys rascally roach...

only at chasing fireflies

Let's be honest. The only time you want to see a cockroach is when your kid's inside this costume. It's a skin-crawling creation that includes a black and metallic copper bodysuit with appendages and iridescent wings "folded" in back. The black pants have shoecovers, and long antennae dangle from the hood. Warning: not for the faint of heart. Polyester. Imported. 3-pc. set includes: - bodysuit with attached wings - pants - hood A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

venus flytrap boys...

only at chasing fireflies

Bug alert! Approach this creepy plant with caution. Your one-of-a-kind Venus flytrap wears a green bodysuit with attached foam terra cotta pot draped with leaves. The amazing headpiece opens to form the lobes of a leaf, complete with cilia around the edge and a giant fly dangling inside! (Which is removable, by the way.) Polyester, polyurethane. Imported. 3-pc. set includes: - bodysuit - headpiece - fly A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

3-headed dog boys...

It's a bad omen to encounter this evil dog. He lurks in the shadows in a plush black bodysuit with ferocious hood, and beware! -- two smaller heads at the ends of his paws. (They're attached to the sleeves.) Spikes surround his collars and iridescent red scales dot the tail. Has attached shoecovers. Don't encourage this dark dog to fetch or play catch. Polyester. Imported. A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

pharaoh boys costume

He rules the ancient land of pyramids in a tunic adorned with regal gold accessories. On the collar, a long snake. Comes with a matching belt, too. Finish his outfit with priceless artifacts: the headpiece, snake staff and metal armbands. Polyester-nylon. Imported. A Wishcraft costume from Chasing Fireflies.

devil boy costume

only at chasing fireflies

Calling all mischievous kids! Your devilish side gets to come out and play. Get into character with this flame-red, muscle-chested shirt. The horned latex mask, tail and trident turn you super-scary. Polyester-spandex. Imported. accessories sold separately: - devil boy mask - devil boy tail - red trident A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.

milk carton...

only at chasing fireflies

Kids can hardly contain themselves over this whimsical costume. The carton-shaped vinyl bodysuit just sips on, make that slips on. An open spout at the left shoulder has a striped straw sticking out. If you want a wholesome and nutritious costume, this is it. Milk it for all it's worth, kids! Polyurethane, polyester. Imported. A Wishcraft costume by Chasing Fireflies.