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pirate ship

Ahoy there! If youâ ve ever wanted to sail the seven seas, matey, nowâ s your chance. Climb aboard this wooden ship and join the search for adventure. Your sailing companions are four 2" pirates with moveable arms and legs, and the ship comes complete with rigging, 2 cannons, 2 barrels and (of course!) 2 treasure chests. A young scallywag will have endless fun on the high seas. Assembly required. Ship measures 21" x 7" x 15". Wood, rope, metal screws. Imported.

pirate shack

A pirate needs a place to relax after a day of swashbuckling adventures. This rustic retreat has a skull-and-crossbones on the roof to warn trespassers to stay away. All the fixings of a seafarer in the tropics are embroidered and appliquéd on it, and the fabric door hangs like a curtain to allow -- or deny! -- entry. The shack is handcrafted of quilted cotton and comes with a light aluminum frame for easy set-up. Storage bag included. Measures 43" x 29" x 43". Spot clean. Imported. (Sorry, gift wrapping not available.)

cardboard pirate...

Climb aboard ship, mateys! This cardboard vessel arrives with line artwork and a set of swashbucklers easily fit inside. Measures 57" x 32" x 36". Some assembly required. Made in USA. (Sorry, express shipping and gift wrapping not available.)

pirate treasure...

Come closer, matey. Inside this tin treasure chest youl find all the loot a pirate needs for a swashbuckling good time. Look for a pirate head scarf, rope belt, compass, sword, eyepatch, and of course a treasure map and wooden coins. Ages 3 and up.

pirate's night...

A creative "piratized" version of the Clement C. Moore classic. Forget sugarplums -- these mischievous pirates have visions of treasure chests dancing in their heads! It's all silly fun that young pirates will read over and over. 32 pages.

shut-the-box game

Played for centuries by sailors and fishermen, this easy-to-learn game features authentic wood tiles and dice for that old world charm. Just roll the dice, then flip over any numbered tiles so their sum equals the total shown on the dice. A player's turn continues until he can no longer match a dice roll with the remaining tiles. Those are totaled as his score. Low score wins. (Flip over all the tiles and you've "shut the box.") Fun for the whole family; great for kids learning addition. Comes in a wooden bookshelf box. Imported.

squiggly sword

A pirate without a sword? Arrr -- shiver my timbers! We found a safe, "pirate mom-approved" style for you. Crafted of lightweight solid wood, with rounded edges for completely harmless play. Sword is 24". Made in USA.

stack-the-bones game

A tickle-your-funny-bone game of balance and skull, er, skill. You build the tower, then take turns removing bones without letting it...topple! Wood. Imported.

pirate sabre

A pirate without a sword? Arrr -- shiver my timbers! We found a safe, "pirate mom-approved" style for you. Crafted of lightweight solid wood, with rounded edges for completely harmless play. Sabre is 21". Made in USA.

pirate marshmallow...

Fight evil with marshmallows! Load up to 25 mini-marshmallows inside for rapid-fire action. Skull-and-crossbones make it even tougher looking. Measures 15" x 6" x 2". Ages 6 and up. Plastic. Imported.

pirates book

Aye, what a treasure! The heavy parchment-type pages are filled with cool illustrations that accompany the fascinating text. Readers learn about pirate lore and history, slang, life aboard ship, flags, infamous pirates, the most coveted treasures, and lots more. Fun fold-outs and envelopes contain surprises along the way. 32 pages.

wind-up pirate ship...

Help Captain Blackjack and his ragtag crew on their odyssey to find the buried treasure. He'll even let you steer their ship! The small wind-up toy will navigate the "waters" of 3 different tracks in the book. 14 cardboard-thick pages.