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Item 854174
Magical things happen around this pretty pink fairy with sparkly wings. Our everyday costume play sets are designed with growing, imaginative children in mind. Costumes slip on easily, have back elastic for an easy fit, and include most accessories.

  • polyester
  • imported

2-pc. set includes:
  • dress
  • wings
  • more accessories sold separately
Item 855044
Ready, set, imagine! This bag contains the keys to an incredible world where a dancing fairy, mermaid and petal fairy play. Discover 9 coordinating pieces -- use them to create 3 magical dress-up costumes, or mix and match to create outfits of your own. Let the magic begin! Comes in an organza bag that keeps all the pieces together. Polyester. The 3-in-1 mermaid fairy costume set for girls is imported.

9-pc. set includes:
  • leotard
  • tutu
  • mermaid skirt
  • petal skirt
  • scrunchie
  • flower headband
  • shell headband
  • wings
  • flower wand
Item 832408
Know a little girl with a sweet tooth? This candy fairy girls costume is covered in tasty treats, including bright candies dangling around her fluffy tulle skirt. Sweeten her look with all the candy-coated accessories, especially the rainbow lollipop wings which are adorned with a shiny purple candy twist, and the treat bag (which looks like a lollipop!). In this rare case, there's no such thing as too much sugar. Polyester-spandex, polyester. Candy fairy costume for girls is imported.

Accessories sold separately:
  • candy fairy headband
  • candy choker
  • candy earrings
  • candy bracelet
  • candy fairy wings
  • candy treat bag
  • hot pink sparkle play shoes
Item 850702
Twinkle, twinkle, in the night. You're enchanting in pink satin with sequin-embellished bodice, sparkly green tulle and organza overlays. Tucked inside the organza are lights that illuminate, just like a real firefly! (There's an on-off switch, but let everyone think it's magic.) Complete your firefly with big wings and sparkly accessories. Polyester. Light-up fantasy firefly costume for girls is imported.

3-pc. set includes:
  • dress
  • armbands

Accessories sold separately:
  • green & pink tiara
  • pink gem jewelry set
  • fantasy firefly wings
  • white petticoat
  • pink sparkle play shoes
Item 842351
Save 79%
This rarest of fairies is a mosaic of magic. Hues of purple, orange and black glitter are fashioned into stained-glass designs on her fluttery dress and wings. Her jewelry is a rainbow of brilliantly colored gems, and tattoos sparkle on her face. Shown with petticoat. Polyester. Stained glass fairy costume for girls is imported.

Accessories sold separately:
  • stained glass tiara
  • stained glass necklace
  • stained glass sparkle tattoos
  • stained glass earrings
  • stained glass wings
  • soft white petticoat
  • purple sparkle play shoes
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