Collection: Grey Wigs

The easiest way to “go grey” is with a grey wig from our collection! There are lots of fun options to choose from, to give your Halloween costume the perfect finish. Our grey granny wigs come in both bun style and curly, so you have options for your old person costumes. They’re great with Mrs. Claus costumes, crazy cat lady costumes, historical and colonial costumes, and so many others. If you’re looking for a sleek grey wig style, we have those, too. They’re perfect to top off ghost costumes, back-from-the-dead zombie costumes, and more. Our silvery grey wigs look great with mermaid costumes, add an air of mystery to medieval or sorceress costumes, flair to pop star and diva costumes, just to name a few.  You don’t have to grow old to go grey – just shop our grey wigs collection! 

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