Collection: Kids Wigs

Let’s face it, the right hair style can transform a kid’s costume and make it really stand out among the crowd. For an incredible selection of kids’ wigs, check out our fun collection. Many are instantly recognizable with certain characters and are must-haves for their costumes. Think Frozen’s Elsa’s blonde braid, the bride of Frankenstein’s two-tone beehive hair, Ariel’s long flowing red hair. And it’s hard to imagine princess Leia without her bun style wig. But of course, you’ll also find kids’ wigs in a wide variety of styles and colors that work with almost any costume you create for your little ones. Mermaid, unicorn, sorceress, queen, pirate, clown, magician…you name it. If your kid’s costume seems to be missing something, it could be the perfect wig from Chasing Fireflies!