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Alien Abduction Girls Costume

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Alien Abduction Girls Costume: Fool everyone into believing you're about to be swept up into space with this out-of-this world costume! This clever one-piece costume slips on over your head. Your arms fit through the striped sleeves, and the "alien" sits piggyback (kind of like your backpack). A small fan keeps the alien's head inflated (see our video below on exactly how to make it work). Your legs are hidden under the black robe, so walking around is easy.
• Includes costume, fan, battery pack
• Polyester
• Imported

Click on the link below to watch our YouTube video and learn exactly how to put on this awesome costume:

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Customer Reviews

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By Lori
October 28, 2019
"This costume was absolutely hilarious! My daughter wore it for Halloween. She got so many compliments and even won a Halloween costume contest. It stayed up the whole time and she enjoyed wearing it. Great costume!!!!"
By Zofia Mead
Tempe, AZ
November 06, 2018
"Terrible. The straps on the back broke within 5 min and the fan broke within 20 min. "
By susan
November 03, 2018
"We found this costume easy to set up and my daughter loved it, she had so much fun wearing it! When she was running between houses trick or treating the alien head did fall back - but standing still the effect was perfect."
November 03, 2018
"I was hesitant to buy based on reviews, but I’m wondering if people had trouble figuring out the air pack. There is a fan and an inflatable airbag that holds up the head and back of the costume that needs to be worn by the child backpack style. My 9yr old found it heavy to wear all day (at school) but it was fine for a few hours trick or treating. It held up well, allowed for multiple layers and got lots of fun comments. Hood needed a few extra tack stitches to hide white airbag underneath."
By Rachel
November 01, 2018
"Super cute costume! I was concerned as there were a few less than stellar reviews & was hesitant to purchase, but my daughter was set on this costume. Everything arrived as it should. We watched the video on the CF website with the “how to” to put it on, which was super helpful. It was a huge hit with everyone - adults and other kids."
November 01, 2018
"This costume was the best. The trick is to make sure the inflatable bubble is worn like a backpack. If you put the inflatable bubble behind the alien’s mask, the alien’s head won’t stand up. Once we figured that out, it worked great. "
October 28, 2018
"My daughter loves this costume. There is a air thing that blows up the alien head but it looks more round and sometimes not easily seen from the front like the picture shows. From the side the alien is very noticeable. All in all it is a comfortable costume and has held up through 2 Halloween parties and should be warm to wear on Halloween night."
By Betty Anderson
Draper, UT
October 22, 2018
"WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO SO YOU CAN SEE HOW IT WORKS! This costume was frustrating at first cause there are no instructions given. You think the airbag goes inside the alien head but it doesn't. Just the tip does. The bulk of the airbag should be against the childs back as it is the body form of the alien. We kept thinking the whole bag should go in alien head. It wasn't until I read other reviews and watched the youtube video that we got it. Now it works great. Provide better instructions!"
October 21, 2018
"Yeah, just like other reviewers have said: doesn't work, motor is loud, head is floppy, white part shows. Manages to be both too big (drags on the ground) and too small (shoulder straps way, way too short) for my average-sized kid. Instructions missing, too. Spent a bundle and now I'm going to have to rig it with stuffing and wires. Very disappointing. "
October 21, 2018
"Worked out perfectly for us. No issues with the head staying up or the neck opening. It does run a size larger and a little longer than I would have expected. It was a hit. "
October 19, 2018
"Costume is designed well. The Alien hood should be sewed all the way around so you don’t see the white airbag inside. "
October 18, 2018
"Bought for my granddaughter and had to return it. No instructions given, my daughter had to watch a video to see how it worked. However, the alien head would not stay up. It kept drooping down on her neck. Would not recommend this for a small child. "
By Kelly Billington
Naperville, IL
October 16, 2018
"make sure to watch the youtube video link---only the small tip of the inflatable bag goes inside the head--the rest is worn on the back. Its perfect if you follow those instructions. Other bad reviews were probably because whole inflatable bag was put up inside alien head. It's amazing!"
October 13, 2018
"Wish i could do 0 stars. Worst costume. So disappointed. Alien does not stay in place. Arms are not sewn as shown in picture. Absolutely does not work at all"
By Michelle Merolla
Richfield, OH
October 04, 2018
"I could not for the life of me figure this costume out. After reading some of the other reviews, I realize I am missing some key parts. I did not receive any instructions, nor did I receive a pump or a fan or battery pack as were mentioned in some other reviews. I noticed the white bag in the alien head but have no way of filling it with air or anything. Trying to decide if I can rig the costume somehow or lose money on it sending it back. Most expensive costume I have ever purchased. 😟"
By Emanuela Volpe
San Francisco, CA
September 29, 2018
"Costume is nicely made but pump is too heavy, head doesn't stay, you can see the white. I will modify it myself..cut the pump, fill it with light weight fillings and perhaps use a hard wire to let it stay up"
September 28, 2018
"So Sad about the quality of this costume 😞 My daughter was so excited about it and upon arrival one arm was already un sewn, the alien head doesn’t stay up, the battery pack was broken and I had to repair. The quality was very bad. Not at all what I expected from chasing fireflies or for the price! I returned the next day and had a very sad little one . "
September 27, 2018
"One of the hands came unstitched as soon as my daughter tried the costume on. The alien head does not stand up like in the pic."
By Gina Mayfield
Trophy Club, TX
September 27, 2018
"Kudos to Chasing Fireflies for publishing all of these reviews! Oh my word, y’all ... Why didn’t I listen to them?! This costume is loud, schlumpy and way too long. It’s a hot mess that cost me 20 bucks in shipping — yup, they charge $7.50 to use the return label! "
By Becca
Long Beach, CA
September 27, 2018
"Okay, we initially had the same issue as the other reviewers - alien head not standing up, etc. The problem is not with the costume, it's with the insufficient instructions. The straps attached must go on the child's shoulders like a backpack, and some of the stuffing goes in the back of the alien; not all of it in the head. Luckily we were able to figure it out on our own, and then it looked great - just like the pic."
September 26, 2018
"SO SO SO CUTE! My only issue would be before we even put it on one of the "backpack" straps broke. IT IS SO DARN CUTE! Just hate that I have to figure out how to fix it!"
September 21, 2018
"I wish I would have read the reviews before purchase because they are accurate. The alien head doesn't stay up and doesn't look at all like the picture. The costume is also heavy and the fan is loud. Too much trouble for a child to deal with when trick or treating. Not worth the price. Also note there is a charge to use the return label. "
September 11, 2018
"Save your money! This costume is definitely not up to CF standards. Neck opening too small, alien head doesn’t stand up. What a waste of time. Going back!"