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Pink Prima Ballerina Costume For Girls

Item 852318
Cue the lights and pull back the curtains! Your prima ballerina will float across the stage in this captivating costume. Ballet pink satin and velour are made more fanciful with gold sequins, trim and lace. The embellished bodice stretches with her every move, and fine pleated tulle appears to twirl endlessly above a hoop skirt. Gold-trimmed lace armbands flutter as she moves, and stretchy velour bloomers make leaps and twirls effortless. (Lace ribbons up your legs like a real ballerina, as we've done here.) Brava! Elasticized straps, waist and armbands. Polyester. Pink prima ballerina costume for girls is imported.

4-pc. set includes:
  • dress
  • armbands
  • bloomers

Accessories sold separately:
  • pink prima ballerine tiara
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Measure a loop under your child's armpits, passing the tape across fullest part of chest and around shoulder blades.

Measure a loop just above hipbone, around natural waistline.

Pink Prima Ballerina Costume For Girls
Item 852318

Pink Prima Ballerina Tiara
Item 852321

Girls Sheer Tights (2 Pairs)
Item 856957

Sparkle Play Shoes
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Customer Reviews

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(based on 16 reviews)

November 03, 2018
"Beautiful costume! Our daughter is 7 and we didn’t like the skirt sticking straight out so we removed the wire ring and allowed it to lay flat. She liked it even more that way! Sequins were a little scratchy on the arm bands but all in all she loved it! "
By Rena Brown
Albany, GA
October 27, 2018
"Very unhappy and disappointed with the quality of costume. Not worth the price at all. I bought a more expensive to make sure it was made well but not Happy at all with costume."
By Julie Jordan
October 16, 2018
"This costume was a pretty big disappointment for us. The skirt did not fit or lay like I the pictures on the website. The skirt is not a tutu and has not a bit of fluffy rule. It is simply a hoop suspended at waist height with decorative fabric laid on top. It does not angle down like in the photos on the website but stands straight out, exposing my child’s rear end. If the hoop were smaller it might draw down and look like the photos, but it’s just not made that well, especially for cost. The b"
October 10, 2018
"Yes, this tutu sticks straight out - but it is SO cute! That being said, if your child is planning to wear this to school or in a car (especially a car seat) I would advise against it. There is no way my daughter could comfortably wear this to school for Halloween. We're using it for trick or treating in our neighborhood, so it will be just fine. She adores it!"
October 02, 2018
"terrible quality. not worth the price. poorly made and the materials are terrible. DONT BUY"
By Amy
May 09, 2018
"I get why some reviewers say this tutu isn't practical because it sticks straight out. But for our family, this is EXACTLY what my daughter has wanted for years! She has taken classical ballet lessons for 6 years and begs and begs for a "real" ballerina tutu-- the ones the women wear on stage that stick straight out. But all we can ever find are fluffy tutus. FINALLY you have made one that really sticks out like a real ballerina would wear on stage. Impractical, yes, but so very perfect!"
November 07, 2017
"We loved this costume in the picture & have purchased many CF costumes in the past. Was expecting a better made costume as the lace overlay is not secure & continuously slides forward off setting the entire costume & making it look sloppy. The costume itself tends to fall forward as well, exposing the entire backside of the wearer. Thankfully this costume comes with matching under garments or else my daughter's complete backside would have been exposed. Overall, nice costume. Daughter loved it."
By Lyndi
Dublin , OH
November 01, 2017
"Absolutely adorable. Got SO many compliments trick or treating. It's really nice that it folds into a nice small circle for storage. Great product. "
October 13, 2017
"It's adorable. She loves it. Wants to wear it every day. I didn't realize the skirt will always stands out but it's fine and she loves it. Got the ribbon to make look like toe shoes. "
Wyckoff, NJ
October 12, 2017
"My 7 year-old begged me for this last year but it sold out, and she's been talking about it ever since. This year I was still hesitant because of some of the reviews. I figured worst case, I could return it. When it arrived she was thrilled because it is GORGEOUS! The color and details are beautiful. Note, the tutu is not a tutu, but actually a disc that consists of a hoop and tulle. Not practical for everyday wear, but who cares?! It's an amazing Halloween costume! "
By vvaladez
San Antonio, Texas, United States
October 27, 2016
"Incomplete Costume! - My child was very disappointed that the costume was incomplete. The ties for the shoes to mimic point shoes were not included in our package. - I would not recommend this product."
By kathryncp
October 19, 2016
"Great Costume! - Great costume! My daughter loves it! Very fun and well made. - I recommend this product."
By jcgoldenjc
New Jersey, United States
October 05, 2016
"completely impractical - We bought this four our 5 year ols and there is no way she can wear this to school. the skirt is a round disc, when she walks with her hands down the back goes straight up in the air showing her but. I am not sure how she could even sit in school. It is v - I would not recommend this product."
By tojennfloyd
Lexington, KY, United States
October 03, 2016
"Ridiculous - I was expecting this skirt to stand out rigidly due to the hoop, but I was not expecting it to be a flat disc. Based on the picture, we thought the skirt would angle downward from the waist and curve downward at the edge. Nope. Just a flat disk. We wer - I would not recommend this product."
By doxifreak
September 28, 2016
"Really pretty! - I got this costume for my 7 year old daughter. I am always impressed with chasing fireflies costumes. Yes they cost more than the average costume, but they're such good quality and last forever. Great for playing dress up long after Halloween. And yes t - I recommend this product."
By tripledecker08
August 27, 2016
"Great...but not practical - This costume is beautiful but the hoop skirt sticks straight out - you need a 18" clearance around you at all times. There is no way to even lay your arms down straight at your side to hold it down. - I would not recommend this product."