Holiday & Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Holiday & Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

The holidays are a time full of cheer and fun activities but deciding what Santa Claus should gift the kids can be somewhat stressful. We’ve put together a gift guide full of kids holiday and Christmas gift ideas. From eco-friendly presents that will last a lifetime, to educational gifts, to presents for babies and toddlers, we’ve got some fabulous ideas for children of all ages. Just think of us as Santa’s little helpers.


What are some eco-friendly gift ideas for kids?

Environmentalism has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds in recent years, and with so many cheap, plastic toys available, it can be difficult to find eco-friendly options in stores. Luckily for you we’ve put together some eco-friendly gift ideas that are kinder to the planet and kids will love. 


  1. Wooden toys

Wooden toys are a perfect eco-friendly gift because they’re naturally biodegradable and fully recyclable. Here at Chasing Fireflies, we stock a huge selection of Le Toy Van’s wooden toys, expertly crafted from ethically sourced, sustainable wood and finished with non-toxic paints. These make wonderful Christmas gifts for kids as they’re more durable than most plastic toys, so will last longer, and are often safer due to the natural materials they’re constructed from. From heirloom quality wooden dolls houses, to wooden toy car sets and wooden oven and Hob sets for kids who love to play house, they'll have endless hours of fun! 



  1. Keepsake gifts

A great way to minimize waste during the holidays is to gift keepsakes. These meaningful presents can be kept for life, therefore minimizing waste eventually ending up in landfills from unwanted gifts or presents children will outgrow. This could be something like a family heirloom, a photograph, a locket or something else personal.

  1. Reusable Advent calendars and Christmas stockings

Granted, these need to be gifted before Christmas, but they’re still a great, eco-friendly holiday gift. We have a gorgeous selection of fabric Advent calendars, like our Tartan Santa Advent Calendar or Silver Angel Linen Advent Calendar. Not only are they much prettier than store-bought Advent calendars, they can be used year after year and the best part is, you can choose whatever candy or treat you like inside the little pockets, which makes opening one each day much more special. If you’re planning an environmentally conscious Christmas, fabric or wooden advent calendars will help cut down your plastic waste this season.


Similarly, investing in quality Christmas stockings is also an environmentally conscious gift, as it’s something that will be brought out every year, so you know it’s not going to be thrown away. Christmas stockings are often passed down for generations, so could become a new family heirloom! The Swan Princess Christmas Stocking and King Mouse Stocking are classic Christmas designs that go well with any festive décor you might already have. Alternatively, if you have a dinosaur or mermaid fanatic on your hands, the Festive Dino or Mimi Mermaid Stocking will be your kid’s new favorite Christmas decor. Whether a fabric advent calendar or Christmas stocking, these gifts are great investment pieces to add to anyone’s holiday décor.


I’m looking for educational gift ideas for kids

As well as being a fun pastime for little ones, toys can be a great opportunity for kids to learn through play.

  • The Activity Walker Wooden Toy is a perfect example of an educational but fun toy for babies; with 12 fun activities for them to play with, it’s full of sensory features to encourage learning through play, as well as developing their motor skills.
  • Gifts such as the Wooden Toy Forest Animal Stacker are another good example of a fun educational gift; they can learn about different animals as well as develop their dexterity skills.
  • For older kids, books are a wonderful educational option. Find a topic they’re really interested in – perhaps you’ve got a dinosaur or space enthusiast? Whatever topic they’re keen on, books engage their passion while teaching them something new. We have a huge selection of both fiction and non-fiction books to choose from.
  • Drawing and paint sets: Not only do art sets stimulate children’s creativity, they develop their fine motor skills and encourage emotional intelligence. Who knows, you might have a young Picasso on your hands!


What Christmas gift should I buy a baby or toddler?

Shopping for little ones can sometimes be difficult – kids grow up so fast! Plush toys are always a safe option. It’s something they’ll keep long into their childhood, and research has found that stuffed toys provide a sense of comfort and companionship, so help soothe babies and toddlers. Whether it’s a plush doll, cuddly toy, or new blanket, any plush friend is a gift babies and toddlers will adore. 



If you’re shopping for someone else’s child, clothing is always a gift welcomed by parents. Children’s sizes are constantly changing, so parents might appreciate a new piece of clothing for their ever-growing child. Baby outfit sets are a good option to go for; they’re ready-made outfits – what’s not to love? The Boys Toggle Romper and Booties and Ballerina 3 Piece Tutu,Top and Headband Set are some of our favorites! Toddler hats and headwear are also a great option, as there’s less chance to go wrong with sizing and kids won’t outgrow them as quickly.

I’m wanting matching gifts for the whole family, what can I buy?

Matching family pajamas are a classic Christmas gift and something the whole family will love! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a new set of cozy pajamas to wear on Christmas morning? Here at Chasing Fireflies, we have a gorgeous selection of matching family pajamas in a range of festive prints and designs. Siblings often love to match with each other so matching pajamas also ensures that neither will feel left out. Not to mention, they look adorable for family photos on Christmas morning.


Featured pajamas: Kids Christmas Fair Isle Pajamas (adult version here), Christmas Fair Isle Footed Onesie PajamasGirls Santa & Elf Puffed Sleeve NightgownSanta & Elf Holiday Pajamas for Kids


We hope you’ve found some inspiration from our kids Christmas gift guide. Wishing you a very Happy Holidays, from all of us at Chasing Fireflies!

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