Collection: Costume Bags & Purses

Costume bags are the perfect addition to any costume when you want to add a little extra character to your costume. Because of their unique and fun designs, many of these bags can also be paired with everyday apparel, to add some fun and excitement to an outfit. From adorable crab bags, perfect for any sea creature or mermaid costume, festive Santa bags, gingerbread and Christmas tree bags for a festive party look or elf costume, we have everything you need to accessories your whimsical look! Witches cauldrons are a must for any witch brewing up a storm, and every pink lady needs a pink ladies bowling bag to be part of the Grease gang. Not only are these costume bags super-cute, they’re also a practical place to keep handbag essentials for if the kids are trick-or-treating, or out and about in their costume.