Collection: Baby Halloween Costumes

Oh, baby! Find the cutest baby costumes for your little one here at Chasing Fireflies. Our unique baby costume collection includes animal costumes, humorous costumes (baby avocado, anyone?), cuddly costumes, and popular licensed characters from Disney, Sanrio® Hello Kitty, and Roald Dahl. You’ll find sizes ranging from newborn to 24 months. Whichever costume you choose, your little one is sure to melt hearts.

What could be better than perfectly coordinated family costumes for Halloween? If your family dresses in themed costumes, you can easily coordinate your baby’s costume right into it! We offer lots of Halloween costumes for babies that match ones worn by big brother or big sister, or your entire family. Our baby pirate would be perfect addition to your family’s pirate-themed costumes. Or maybe big sisters dress as Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, and your littlest one becomes the most adorable Olaf ever. Outer space theme? Check out our alien baby costume. If your family prefers spooky costumes, why not dress your baby as the cutest ghost this side of the grave?

Of course, baby costumes should feel as cuddly as they look, and we strive to offer pieces that will keep little ones smiling. Soft fabrics, full-length zippers and leg snaps are details you’ll appreciate, too.

At Chasing Fireflies, we believe you’re never too young to have fun with dress-up. That’s why we offer a selection of adorable baby Halloween costumes—so you can start making memories from your little one’s earliest days.