Collection: Easy Halloween Costumes

Great costumes don’t have to be complicated! Our easy Halloween costumes collection is filled with super-fun, all-in-one costumes for kids and adults. Check out all our ride-in costumes, from seahorse to unicorn, llama to octopus. For easy Halloween costumes that are hilarious, don’t miss the wide variety of piggyback costumes. Like Santa and reindeer, headless (yes!), a dinosaur, zombie and leprechaun. Snatch up our very popular alien abduction costumes (there’s both a boy and girl version for you). Or our alien attack astronaut costume. Jumpsuit costumes are super-easy, too. Baby sharks, French poodle, bunnies, racecar driver, reindeer – just slip them on and you’re set! For an instant, easy costume, our character kits are not to be missed. And here’s good news for any procrastinators out there: they all make perfect last-minute costumes, too.