How To Host The Perfect Princess Party

How To Host The Perfect Princess Party

Does your little girl dream of having a whimsical Fairy Princess party? Grant all her wishes with our Unicorn Fairy Princess partyware collection! Comprised of colorful paper cups, dainty garlands, unicorn embellished balloons and more, this magical collection will be sure to captivate and spark joy in any girl’s heart. Drawing inspiration from her royal ties, this exclusive collection was created by the British brand Party Pieces®, founded by Carole Middleton. We also have some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you host the perfect princess party!

What tableware do I need for a Princess party?

Creating her dream princess fantasy world is all about making sure you have vibrant party decorations to really set the tone for a stimulating, exciting birthday bash. Our exclusive Unicorn Fairy Princess collection offers all of the eye-catching and colorful tableware needed to set her imagination wild and really create a dreamy utopia. See below our top tips and tricks to create a regal banquet she’ll never forget!

  • Create a show stopping table display: draw your little ones in to their fun filled feast with decorative and colorful tableware. Adorned with gold trims and sparkling stars, the princess food trays, plates and paper cups will have her and her friends dining like queens!
  • As well as adding a little extra sparkle to the table, our unicorn table covers and napkins are a great way to keep your fairy princesses crumb and stain free.
  • Having trouble with picky eaters? An interactive table display is a great way to get children excited about food. Finger foods such as dainty sandwiches, cupcakes and carrot sticks are easy to make, fuss-free foods, all of which can be beautifully displayed on our Unicorn Fairy Princess Carousel Treat StandAs well as decorative fairy characters which can be placed on the carousel or on the table, this treat stand also has a removable lid for you to hide sweet treats in once the children have eaten their savory snacks.
  • Time for cake: Whether you’re brave enough to make a homemade cake or opt for a store bought option, a princess themed birthday cake is a sure-fire winner. Better yet, adorn your cake with the Party Pieces® ‘s Unicorn Fairy Princess Candles. Your little princess will wish upon golden stars, dancing fairies and rainbow candles that will make any birthday cake or cupcake special.


What about party decorations?

A fairy princess palace wouldn’t be complete without beautiful embellishments.  Here are some ideas to create your daughter’s dream princess party:

  • Princess themed Tea Party: Fancy a spot of afternoon tea, princess style? Nothing screams regal like a classic tea party. Our Tea Pot and Cups Stuffed Plush Tea Party Toy Set is perfect for playtime and creating a delightful princess tea party theme that the girls will have endless amounts of fun with! Pair this with cupcakes and flowers for a charming setting any princess would love to attend.
  • Head in the clouds: take her on a whimsical journey to a castle in the clouds inspired party. The land of the unicorns and fairies has enchanting garlands and ornaments your little ones will be bedazzled by. Our Unicorn Fairy Princess Honeycomb Decorations and garlands will do just that. Why not add a little extra sparkle with some super cute princess inspired decorations, such as our adorable plush Ballerina Mice or Assorted Angel Plush Doll Ornaments.



How do I keep children entertained at a party?

Princess themed party games are a great way to keep the children happy and amused during their magical adventure. A mystical twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey, the Fairy Princess Party Game lets your little ones pin the tail on the unicorn. The reverse poster also includes an image of a beautiful fairy princess, waiting for your little one to pin on her tiara. This 2-in-1 pack is a fantastic children’s party game to entertain the kids and create lots of smiles and giggles along the way!

Drawing on children’s own imagination is always a great way to keep them entertained at a party. Why not set up a competition to see who can draw the best princess? Grab the karaoke machine and have a blast singing all her favorite Disney princess songs. Or why not hide Cinderella’s glass slipper and have the children try and find it?

When it’s time to send little princesses back to their castles, hand out treat-filled party bags so they’ll have sweet memories of the special day. Keychains, candy and stickers are all great fillers to put in their princess gift bags. Beautifully embellished with pastel colored unicorns and fairies, these children’s party bags are sure to wow your guests and bring a piece of the magic back home with them.

You Shall Go To The Ball!

What’s a princess to wear to her own special party? Here at Chasing Fireflies, we are all about adding a little extra sparkle to each and every moment. From charming and regal princess dresses to dainty and whimsical fairy costumes, your daughter will find a party outfit to fulfill all of her princess fairy fantasies. Does she want to bring the magic herself? Our adorable unicorn costumes are sure to make any girl smile with their fun and mythical styles.

If you want a gorgeous showstopper, don’t miss our exclusive limited edition Disney Cinderella. It’s truly a dream-come-true dress she’ll want to wear not just to the party, but for play adventures, Halloween, you name it.

With the Party Pieces®  Unicorn Fairy Princess party and tableware collection, the possibilities to create a magical princess party are endless. We are sure you will find everything you need to decorate and create every girl’s dream fantasy party! If you're looking for something with a little more bite, why not check out our t-rrific Dino Explorer party range?

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