How To Host A Dino Explorer Children's Party

How To Host A Dino Explorer Children's Party

Have you got a child’s birthday coming up and need some inspiration? If your little one is constantly on the hunt for an adventure and you always find them ruining your living room as they re-arrange the sofa cushions into a new cave to hide in, or a new mountain for them to climb…. Well we have the perfect idea to celebrate their birthday!

Journey back to the Jurassic age for an exciting adventure kids will really dig. You can easily create a prehistoric party of epic proportions with our Dino Explorer collection. It’s from Party Pieces®, a wonderful British brand founded by Carole Middleton, that’s available in the U.S. exclusively at Chasing Fireflies.

Do You Sell Everything I Need?

Well of course! We wouldn’t bring Party Pieces over from the UK to only do half a job! So let’s start by turning your space into a Dino-topia!

Whether you’re hosting the party inside or outside amongst the greenery of your garden we have all the supplies you need to make your child think they’ve traveled to the land that time forgot!  The theme comes alive with whimsical illustrations of giant dinosaur jaws, footprints, jungle foliage, and expedition gear. You can set your dino-expedition scene with lots of hanging garlands and balloons, perfect for hanging from trees or doorways to make it a super exciting entrance for your party guests!

How Do I Make it a Feast to Remember?

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking on the task of cooking yourself or getting outside help from a store or catering company, Chasing Fireflies have made sure you have all the dino-themed tableware to make your child feel like they’re feasting in the Jurassic period!

  • First things first, save your table from spills with this Ecosaurus paper table cover and top it with these T-Rex shaped placements (they even have fun Dinosaur facts on the back that your party guests can have fun sharing while they await their feast!)
  • Spills are almost inevitable when you have table full off giddy children so napkins are a necessity and these ones designed exclusively by Party Pieces will make your guests feel like official Dino Explorers.
  • Next you need to set each child up with their own place setting and for this we have fun coordinated paper plates and paper cups with detailed, textured Dino skin print!

What If I Have Fussy Eaters Attending The Party?

Making sure everyone has a fun time at the party is the most important thing and picky eaters can get themselves worked up when dinner time seems a little different. Here’s some tips to help them out.

  • As you’re serving food to guests, try calling it something on theme like Brontosaurus burgers, jungle trail mix, Pterodactyl wings, fossil nuggets, Jurassic juice, and so on.
  • Another option is to serve food in a super fun and distracting way. These T-Rex Head Food Trays and Expedition Food Trucks are perfect for serving a selection of sweet or savory treats. This keeps kids wrapped up in the magic of the party you have created and can help them enjoy the food.

What About the Traditional Stuff?

Don’t worry, we know there would be lots of disappointed guests if you didn’t involve birthday party traditions. Every birthday girl or boy should have the special moment of making a birthday wish in front of their friends and family, you can make it extra special with this fantastic volcano cake stand and the Dinosaur shaped birthday candles.


There’s only one way to finish off the perfect children’s party. That’s with a party bag, so for a memorable finish, send little explorers home with filled treat bags. Tuck fun items inside such as small toy dinosaurs, a dinosaur “egg,” dino-themed temporary tattoos or stickers. Place the bags around the party table to add to your décor.



But Isn’t All This Bad For The Environment? Or is it Sustainable?

The products in this Dino Explorer collection have either been made from paper, card or FSC Paper. This means that they have either been produced from recycled products or they can be recycled again. Although the cake stand is not recyclable, it's been designed to be reusable, this way it can easily be passed on to a friend who is hosting a similar party!

The balloons we mentioned earlier are even biodegradable as they come from our Party Pieces Ecosaurus collection, a range of 100% recyclable and eco-friendly party supplies.

Should I Organize Entertainment?

Nothing adds excitement to a party like dinosaurs roaming the area! Explore our selection of fabulous costumes and accessories that would be perfect for your dino-themed party. Our colossal t-rex costume or exclusive premium t-rex are both t-riffic choices. On the sillier side, an inflatable pterodactyl costume or piggyback dinosaur costume are hard to top. For a younger child, our green dragon overalls look super-cute.

Turn the kids into pterodactyls! Hang a pair of dragon wings on each guest’s chair and watch them roar with delight. Keep in mind that top-quality costumes and accessories aren’t just party-perfect, they fuel imaginations for everyday play adventures and Halloween, of course.


Have You Got Any Gift Suggestions for a Dino Explorer Party?

We have lots of great ideas, depending on the age of the dinosaur-loving birthday child. For younger kids, a cuddly Bruno T-Rex Plus Toy makes an irresistible new friend. Dinosaur house is a fanciful story book. Two other options are bones on display and digging up dinosaurs – both amazing books kids (and grownups!) will love exploring.

Hopefully we have been able to answer your questions by now! If you like the idea but are looking for something a little different, why don’t you check out our Unicorn Fairy Princess Party range.

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