Dough-Not Forget To Celebrate National Donut Day!

Dough-Not Forget To Celebrate National Donut Day!

If your mouth is watering at the mere thought of those soft, sugary rings of heaven, you’re not alone! National Donut Day is just around the corner: Grab yourself a box (or two...) of donuts for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re as crazy for a classic sprinkled ring donut as Homer Simpson or prefer a filled, jammy delight, there’ll be plenty of amazing donut deals for you to bite into, so check your local area for the “hole” list!

What is National Donut Day & why is it celebrated?

Although these sugary sweets are eaten all year round, National Donut Day is a commemorative event that’s celebrated on the first Friday of June, every year. What makes the donut so special, you may be wondering? This simple, round treat was used to lift spirits of the soldiers fighting in WWI and help those in need during the Great Depression. Starting in 1938 as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army in Chicago, female Salvation Army volunteers (or “lassies”, as they were known back then), were stationed at bases across Europe to take care of soldiers and help boost morale. Part of their duty was to serve freshly made donuts to the brave and tired soldiers. This tradition carried through to WWII, where women from the Red Cross also served these delightful treats and became known as “Doughnut Dollies.”




Although the flavors, variety (and even name!) have changed throughout history, the humble donut has stood the test of time and brought happiness to people from all walks of life. And so we celebrate National Donut Day in all its sugar-coated glory.



How can I get involved in National Donut Day?

We may be stating the obvious here…EAT DONUTS! Support your local bakery and pick up a box of your favorite sweet snack. Stick to family favorites like classic Canadian maple syrup or chocolate filled dreams. Want to try something new? Many cultures have their own types of donuts, and what better excuse to try new flavors than National Donut Day? Savory or sweet, explore donuts from around the world such as Chinese Youtiao, Spanish and Portuguese Churros or Austrian Krapfen.



In honor of Salvation Army Lassies and WWII Doughnut Dollies, why not dough-nate or deliver a box to your favorite charity or organization? Sharing is caring and you’re sure to put a smile on faces with these deliciously fluffy treats.

What can I do with the kids on National Donut Day?

    • Making your own donuts is a fantastic activity to do with the kids and means you have free rein on toppings, fillings and flavors. Be sure to do the cooking yourself to avoid any mishaps.
    • Throwing a birthday party or children’s event around this time? Kids will be thrilled with mini donut popsicles! These cute little rings make the perfect party snack for little ones to eat, without it being too much sugar.
    • Girls can serve up the sweetness in an a-dough-rable Donut Waitress Costume.  Add an extra sprinkle of fun to your pool party with Inflatable Donut Drink Holders.

Now that you know a little bit about the origins of National Donut Day, have fun, make Homer Simpson proud and enjoy your donuts!


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