Collection: 101 Dalmatians Costumes

Talk about puppy love! You’ll find the most adorable outfits in our 101 Dalmatians costumes collection. Dress your baby or toddler in a spotted bodysuit with fluffy ears and red trim. Older kids might want to create a unique costume around our Dalmatian accessories, like black-and-white spotted tights, ears headbands and so on. For a few group costume ideas, pair your cute Dalmatian with a fireman costume, an assortment of other dog breed costumes, a cat costume, or several other kids in Dalmatian costumes (we doubt you’ll reach 101 though!). For the perfect mommy-and-me costume, why not have mom dress up as Cruella Deville with the red gloves and fake nails? Add her iconic black and white hair and you're good to go.