How to Throw a Mad Hatter's Tea Party

How to Throw a Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Ever wondered what it’s like to fall down the rabbit hole and find yourself in Alice’s world? First published in 1865 and translated into 175 languages, Lewis Carroll’s famous novel has transcended time, captivating children’s imaginations to this day. With Alice in Wonderland Day right around the corner (July 4th, to be precise!), bring some of the madness home by hosting your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!  Perfect for adults and children alike, birthdays or unbirthdays, transform your living room into a topsy-turvy dreamland your guests will never want to wake up from.

What do I wear to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?

In the wise words of the Cheshire Cat, “We’re all mad, here!” Show your weird and wonderful side with an eccentric costume, inspired by the book itself.

Adorable Alice in Wonderland costumes

Your girl will love what she sees in the looking glass when she’s wearing this Alice in Wonderland Costume. After all, the most anticipated guest at the tea party needs to look the part! Finish the look with Alice’s iconic blonde hair and quirky Wonderland Tights.


You’ll lose your head over this Queen of Heart’s Costume

She might not have been invited to the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but she sure is invited to ours!

Dress up as the fantastic Queen of Hearts, and no one will dare eat your strawberry tarts! With your daughter dressed as Alice, this evil Queen is a great option as a mommy & me costume!

Don’t be late for your very important date!

Hop, skip, and jump your way to the Mad Hatter’s tea party in a charming rabbit costume. For adults hosting a tea party, this creepy Rabbit Mask gives off those slightly unsettling, mysterious vibes Alice in Wonderland is known for. Our adorable Bunny Rabbit Overalls will be an instant hit for kids going for a cute look and are great for everyday play, too!

Eccentric accessories

For those wanting to give a nod to the Alice in Wonderland theme without going all out mad, eccentric accessories are the way forward! Top off your look with a Mad Hatter's top hat. You'll love our sparkly option too, available in vibrant red, black and pink. The Cheshire Cat won’t stop smiling at this fluttery, floral headpiece for a straight-out-of-the-forest look. Bread butterflies will be swarming over our yellow and orange butterfly headpieces.


That’s the costumes sorted, but how do I transform my home into a Mad Hatter’s wonderland?

You know those days when you throw on a pair of mismatched socks? Yeah, channel all those vibes! Decor for a Mad Hatter’s tea party should be wacky and whimsical. That means no matching tea cups, lots of clashing colors and geometric shapes. Here’s our favorite Mad Hatter’s decoration ideas:

  • The kookier the better: check your local thrift store for mismatched tea cups and teapots, old clocks and fun cushions. For a child-friendly tea party, our cupcake playset is a surefire winner.
  • Playing cards: grab those playing cards languishing in that drawer you’ve been meaning to clear out…Scatter them carelessly over your table for eccentric character.
  • Topsy-turvy wall décor: adorn your living room walls with a twisty party streamer or shimmery back drop to add some interesting shapes and dimensions to your wonderland
  • Furry friends: Alice’s world wouldn’t be complete without the strange and interesting creatures she meets along the way. Invite some soft bunny toys, cuddly cats and dainty mice to the tea party!


What do we eat at a Mad Hatter’s tea party?

Think classic British tea party foods, with a twist!

  • “It’s always time for tea!”: you can’t host a Mad Hatter’s tea party without the star of the show itself, tea! Whether you love Earl Grey or a classic cup of breakfast tea, endless cups of the Brit’s favorite drink is a must. If hosting for kids, fill tea pots with their favorite fruit juice.
  • Queen of hearts tarts: make heart-shaped, jelly filled tartlets fit for wonderland royalty.
  • Checkerboard biscuits: yummy biscuits with a chocolate and vanilla checkerboard design are a great way to spice up shortbreads.
  • Bread butterflies: enchant your guests with sandwiches in the shape of butterflies and fill them with their favorite fillings.
  • Eat me, drink me!: place guest’s drinks in peculiar-shaped bottles and vials with “drink me” signs. How about some “eat me” decorated cookies? They’ll feel as frivolous as Alice tasting these mysterious snacks!

No idea is too bold when you’re in Alice’s wonderland, so jump down the rabbit hole and go crazy throwing your Mad Hatter’s tea party!

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