How to Throw a Magical Mermaid Party

How to Throw a Magical Mermaid Party

Mermaidcore has been a popular trend this year, especially since Disney announced the release of the new The Little Mermaid movie. Despite its recent popularity, mermaids have always been a hit with kids and make a magical birthday party theme. Unsure where to start? We’ve put together a how-to guide to help you create an under-the-sea world they’ll never forget!


How should I decorate the table for a mermaid party?

Every party begins with the decorations, but creating an ethereal underwater world means finding the right mermaid décor is even more important!

  • Paper plates, cups and napkins are the basis for any kids’ birthday party. Instead of opting for plain disposables, add mermaid magic to each and every part of your kiddo’s party with colorful shell-shaped plates, shell paper cups and napkins. Not only will this keep your little ones engaged when it’s time to eat, it helps transform your table into a banquet fit for a sea king or queen!

Queen of the Sea: Mermaid Party
  • Let’s face it, kids can be messy! Keep your dining table clean and your party-goers excited with our Queen of the Sea Table Runner. Full of whimsical swimming mermaids and sea creatures, our table runner is sure to delight the kids. Mermaids love all things glittery – our Metallic Rose Gold Glitter Table Runner will add all the sparkle needed to brighten up your table décor.


  • As well as adding the essentials, elevate your table setting with things like shells and rocks (all cleaned of course!) to really bring your mermaid party to life. Why not add some colorful jewels and pearls for extra sparkle?


    How do I decorate the house for a mermaid party?

    Now you’ve created the perfect setting for your mermaid banquet, it’s time to decorate the rest of the house. Replicating an under-the-sea world is all about creating shimmer and shine.

    • Place iridescent fabrics around the house and drape them in a way which creates wave-like movements. Why not have a photo area where the kids can take cute pictures in front of a shimmering backdrop?




    Metallic & Blue Paper Party Streamer 

    Find the perfect mermaid party outfit!

    If your girl wants to go all out for her mermaid birthday party, opt for mermaid costumes. For Ariel fans, our exclusive Ariel The Little Mermaid costume with matching red wig will be a sure-fire winner. Featuring Ariel’s signature purple shell bodice and finished with a super sparkly skirt, she’ll look the part from head to tail! Our Hawaiian Mermaid Costume is also an adorable option for girls who want something a little different. Pair with mermaid accessories like this whimsical crab bag even Sebastian would approve of.


    Ariel The Little Mermaid Costume Hawaiian Mermaid Costume


    Shell-abrate with mermaid clothing

    If she isn’t really a fan of costumes, mermaid clothing is a great way to stay on theme, but also wear something special. The Mermaid Tutu Dress is full of flounce, and the bodice is adorned with a sparkly beaded mermaid and tiny shells.

    Mermaid Tutu Dress


    Our Under the Sea Glitter Tulle Sequin A-line Dress will make her feel like a princess. Filled with shimmery pastel blues and pinks with an overlay of sequins and sparkles, it’s the party dress of dreams! Little sis can match in the Under the Sea Glitter Tulle Sequin Dress.


    Under the Sea Glitter Tulle Sequin A-line Dress Under the Sea Glitter Tulle Sequin Dress


    Gadgets & gizmos aplenty

    What gifts do you bring to a mermaid party? Mermaid-themed gifts, of course! Every kiddo loves a plush toy. Our Mimi the Mermaid Doll or Kaia Mermaid Doll might just become her new best friend, plus they make adorable bedroom décor. 

    Delight your underwater princess with this silver sequin mermaid backpack. Perfect for carrying all her treasures while she’s on land, she’ll love the sequin scale design and mermaid tail base.


    Mermaid Backpack

    Looking to give a mermaid gift to your guests? A party bag is a special way to end the day and means kids get to take a piece of the magic home with them. Fill our Queen of the Sea Paper Party Bags with fillers like sweets, keychains, and stickers so they can remember their special day.

    With our specially curated mermaid party collection, you’ll find everything you need to throw a fin-tastic underwater party! Check out our other birthday party blogs for more inspiration.
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