Collection: Costume Hats & Headwear

Can you imagine a witch without her pointy hat? A cowboy without a wide-brimmed hat? A pirate without his tricorn topper? Arrr, we’d rather walk the plank! The right hat or headpiece for a Halloween costume is like icing on a cake – essential. So whatever hat or headwear your costume needs for that perfect finished-with-flair look, we have it. Find sparkly tiaras and crowns for queens, princesses, dancers and more. Cool helmets for astronauts, firefighters and Vikings. Horns for devils, unicorns and evil court jesters. Tall hats for wizards and small hats for kitties. The possibilities for kids and adults are fun to explore.

Chasing Fireflies even offers an assortment of unique handmade headpieces and costume headbands with Halloween-themed embellishments. You can create a whole costume around them, or simply wear them with your regular clothes and still show off your Halloween spirit. (Don’t wait too long to order yours – they’re limited editions!)