Collection: Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes

Discover the perfect look for your little guy in our collection of toddler boy Halloween costumes. He likes astronauts? Heroic firemen? Brave knights? Wild animals? We have lots of great quality costumes for toddlers (many are exclusive designs you’ll only find here), that will set your boy apart from the crowd. Cuddly jumpsuits turn him into a red fox, hedgehog, panda, “moo” cow and other too-cute-for-words critters. Scary (but not too scary!) toddler costumes haunt our site, too. The skeleton knight, zombie football player, blue alien, and raven prince are must-sees. If your family is dressing up in themed Halloween costumes this year, you’ll easily find a perfect toddler costume to coordinate with everyone. So, what does your little guy want to be?