Egg-cellent Easter Activities to Do with Kids

Egg-cellent Easter Activities to Do with Kids

During Easter, many people enjoy celebrating by eating chocolate eggs, enjoying a delicious Easter Sunday lunch and attending festive gatherings. As children have time off from school, there are tons of Easter-themed activities you can do to keep them entertained. From Easter egg hunts, baking, crafting inspiration and more, we’ve put together a list of fun-filled activities to keep your little bunnies “hoppy” all Easter long.


Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

Easter egg hunts are a classic kids’ activity, and something they look forward to year after year. That being said, they can often get a little predictable, especially for older kids, and we adults may be running out of hiding places! A great way to keep it interesting is to create a treasure map for kids to follow. Whether you hide the treats in the backyard or the home, having a mini map not only adds an extra level of difficulty, it also helps improve their orienteering and problem solving skills. It can be as challenging or as simple as you feel suitable, and you can create little clues along the way if they’re struggling. Our Easter Basket or Caramel Bunny Tote Bag are perfect for storing all those hidden treats.


Another great way to mix up an Easter egg hunt is to hide things other than eggs – this could be a soft plush toy like a cuddly bunny rabbit, or a small wooden toy. Having one item which is different from the rest (and possibly the hardest to find) acts as the main treasure treat at the end of the hunt, offering kids a little reward for all their hard work. The Stripe Knit Bunny, available in pink and blue, is one of our personal favorites! Check out our Easter gifts collection for more adorable seasonal surprises. 

Stripe Knit Bunny Soft Toy

Time to Dress-Up

Did you know, people would often wear masks and animal-themed costumes to celebrate the spring equinox? Nowadays, many enjoy dressing up as Easter bunnies, chicks, and other woodland creatures.

We have a fun selection of Easter costumes filled with everything from Easter bunny costumes for kids and adults, deer costumes and bunny rabbit ears. Our Bunny Rabbit Floral Tutu Dress & Bunny Ear Set is perfect for girls who love pink! Featuring a bodice with a bunny print design, a beautiful, floral tulle skirt and matching accessories, this whimsical dress is perfect for everyday play and smart enough to take her through to Sunday lunch. 

Bunny Rabbit Floral Tutu Dress

Boys will love the Kids Bunny Costume – a comfy bunny onesie he can hop about in all day long. Whatever creature they choose, dressing up in costume is a great way to keep the kids entertained this Easter as they’ll enjoy endless hours of imaginative play. Why not dress up while doing one of the fun activities mentioned in this blog?


Egg Decorating

Crafting is always a fun passtime for kids, especially when painting on eggs! Egg decorating may sound tricky, but with a few simple steps, kids will be painting in no time.

How Do I Prepare Eggs for Painting?

  1. Place large eggs in a sauce pan and cover with cold water
  2. Put on a medium heat, bring to the boil and simmer for around 10 minutes until hard boiled
  3. Leave to cool


Time to Paint!

If hand painting, the easiest way is to place them in an egg cup and decorate one half with acrylic paints. You can also use felt tip markers and pencils to help sketch out your design before you start painting. Allow to dry, then flip over to paint the bottom half. Why not add some glue to one half of the egg and dip in glitter or sequins? There are so many ways to decorate them. Pinterest is a great place to go if you’re looking for egg-stra inspiration.

If the thought of using actual eggs sounds like a little too much hassle, check your local craft store or online for ceramic eggs: fuss-free, ceramic ‘eggs’ often come with a paint set so you can get going right away. Not to mention, you can keep them as decorations for next year. Decorating paper-shaped eggs is also a great alternative to using actual eggs. Simply cut out egg shapes from white cardstock and decorate with crayons or paints.

Egg Painting


Easter Baking

You might be wondering, what are some tasty treats you can bake with the kids this Easter? Aside from a classic bunny-shaped cake, there are tons of Easter-themed recipes online to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

    1. Easter cookies: From chocolate chip cookies speckled with mini eggs, to sugar cookies shaped as rabbits, you can really get creative with how you want to decorate these delicious treats.
  1. Cupcakes galore: Just like sugar cookies, cupcakes are an ideal option if you want to get creative, since you can top your cupcakes with just about anything you can think of. Think egg nests, bunny tails, little chick faces and so much more. The possibilities are endless!  
  1. Hot Cross Buns: This sweetly spiced bun is an Easter staple.  Although slightly trickier to bake than a cake or cookie, kids will love mixing all the ingredients together and kneading the dough, so it’s a great activity to do with little ones. Check online for tons of irresistible hot cross bun recipes.


We hope you’ve found some inspiration on how to keep the kids entertained with some fun Easter activities!

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