5 Fun Activities for the Kids to Celebrate National Best Friends Day

5 Fun Activities for the Kids to Celebrate National Best Friends Day

Old friends, new friends, long distance besties and neighborhood buddies – friendships come in all forms and that’s what makes them so special! Friends are there through every up and down life throws at us and are the people we can turn to for anything and everything. Chances are, your child has a bestie they do everything with, which reminds you of all the fun things you used to do as a kid, too! National Best Friends Day is celebrated every year on June 8th. To help your little one make special memories with their best pal, we’ve curated a fun-filled list of the top 5 activities kids can do on National Best Friends Day. Read on to find out more!

Plan a playdate

The best way your kids can celebrate National Best Friends Day is to, well…hang out with their besties of course! Organize a playdate for your child to spend some quality time with their buddies and make some happy memories. Here’s a few exciting playdate ideas your kids will love:

  • Host a baking party: Baking is a terrific children’s activity that encourages teamwork and is bound to keep them entertained for hours. Plus, they’ll have tasty treats to enjoy afterward!
  • Painting party: Dust off your paint brushes and grab your canvas- the kids will have hours of fun creating something they can take home proudly. Who knows, you may discover you have a little Picasso living right under your roof!



  • Breathe in the fresh air: Children love the outdoors and running around outside. Let your cheeky kiddos swing from the play gym bars or build magical castles in the sand pits. Grab a scoop of their favorite ice cream after. Let’s face it, playing is hard work!
  • Host from the comfort of your own home: Plan a scavenger hunt in your backyard and have them search for sweet treats and toys.


Write a letter to your long-distance bestie

It can be really hard when your closest friend isn’t really that…close. Did your child form a special bond on vacation? Or perhaps you recently moved to a new state and changed schools? These days, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with long-distance pals with a quick video call, but there’s always something extra-special about receiving a handwritten letter. Letter writing is one of the best ways to really show appreciation; each inky line captures a moment in time and it’s something your child’s friend will be able to keep and look back on when they’re older.


Did somebody say slumber party?

Kids love any opportunity to sleep over at each other’s houses and have a night away from mom and dad. Sleepovers give kids a little bit of independence, while still under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Put on their favorite film or plan an exciting game for entertainment. Older kids might love a spooky story for a little thrill. Whatever they decide to do, a slumber party means the fun doesn’t end, even when National Best Friends Day does!

Get crafting

It’s time to get the glue stick out! Do you have hundreds of cute photos of your kids and their best bud? Postcards from friends abroad or that drawing you meant to hang on the fridge but never got around to? Stick it in a scrapbook! Scrapbooking is a creative pastime the kids will love getting involved with. They’ll enjoy re-living memories looking through old snaps of their adventures together, embellishing pages with stickers, nostalgic notes and colorful borders. Not only is it a wonderful memento for friends to create and share together, it’s also a super-thoughtful gift idea for National Best Friend’s Day.

If scrapbooking isn’t their thing, why not help them create a friendship bracelet? These beaded beauties are always a hit with kids and make such a lovely keepsake for them to treasure. (Psst- if you’re not into crafting but still want to gift something thoughtful, our Best Friends Moon Necklace Set is perfect and means your girl can have a beautiful necklace, too.)


Best friends bucket list

This one’s for the older kids! It’s time to put on their thinking caps and create their ultimate best friends bucket list. Each friend writes a list of 5 activities they’d like to do together. It could be playing a game of tennis, hitting the mall or trying out that new café they always walk past on their way to school. Having a bucket-load of exciting activities means they get to explore their friend’s hobbies and wish lists together. They’ll never be stuck for ways to pass the time and who knows, they might even discover something new about each other!

We hope this gives you some helpful ideas on how your kids can celebrate National Best Friends Day. Don’t forget, this day isn’t just for kids, but you, too, mom and dad! Show your best friend some love and get inspired by some of the activities explored here.


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