Collection: 50s Costumes

Rock around the clock in your fab ‘50s costumes from Chasing Fireflies! Back then, teens were hanging out at the diner or malt shop, poodle skirts and saddle shoes were in style, and the jukebox played all the popular rock ‘n’ roll tunes. We have lots of fab, high-quality costumes for both adults and kids that will take you back and make you stand out from the crowd. Choose from Grease-style costumes such as the T-Birds with cool leather jackets and sunglasses. Transform into one of the Pink Ladies with our pink jacket-striped top-leggings combo. Join the cheerleading squad as a perky ‘50s cheerleader, costumed in a letter sweater, full skirt, saddle shoes and pompoms. If your taste runs to the classic American diner – don’t miss our car hop and assorted ‘50s waitress costumes. Another option is to create your own ‘50s outfit with our fun accessories. Whether the costumes are for Halloween, retro ‘50s parties, ‘50s-era school plays, or the kids’ pretend play at home – you’ll have a blast!