Collection: Costume Wings

Nothing adds drama to a costume quite like a pair of wings. That’s why Chasing Fireflies offers a wide assortment of wings for both kids and adults: Angel wings, fairy wings, butterfly and bird wings. For a darker vibe, you might need bat wings, devil wings, dragon or fallen angel wings. We have those, too.

You’ll find unique wings crafted with various fabrics and textures – gold lamé, sheer tulle, soft feathers, to name a few. Embellishments include glitter, rhinestones, marabou and more. Perfect for Halloween costumes, kids love wearing wings for everyday dress-up play, too. Why not get a pair of wings (or two!) for your kids’ dress-up box, and watch their imaginations take flight. We also know birthday girls feel extra special they get to wear magical wings, so consider treating your child on her next one. Your memories and photos will be priceless.