Collection: Girls Purses

Find the perfect purse (or two!) in our whimsical girls purses collection. There’s everything from a cute kitty cat-shaped purse to a sparkly bat-shaped purse, even a pretty love potion purse. We have girls’ crossbody purses, clutch purses, and purses with short straps. If you need a fancy girl’s purse for special outfits and events – say, First Communion, Easter, a wedding – there are lots of options here. Choose from purses in the most versatile colors including ivory, white, pink and black. Our fancy purses feature luxe fabrics and exquisite details – faux pearls, marabou, sequins, faux fur and rhinestones. Whatever type of purse your girl is wishing for, you’ll find it here at Chasing Fireflies. Don't forget to check out our full selection of girls bags & purses for more gorgeous options.