Collection: Halloween Weapons & Brooms

What’s a pirate without a sword? A witch without a broom? Equip yourself with the perfect costume accessories for your costume from our Halloween weapons and brooms collection. They’re toy weapons and mock weapons, of course, and go with both kids and adults costumes. Get battle ready with cool pirate swords and sabres, or distinctive ninja swords. En garde! Pick up musketeer swords, plus medieval style swords for knight costumes, royal costumes and Renaissance period costumes. Robin Hood and fierce girl archer costumes can’t miss with our bow and arrow sets. Also in the mix of Halloween weapons and brooms: tridents, axes, even a rustic-looking caveman club for prehistoric costumes (should you need to fend off wooly mammoths and dinosaurs). Don’t saddle up, pardner, without a set of cowboy pistols and holster – there’s even a cool bullet belt to make your costume more realistic. Those with Star Wars themed costumes can get their essential lightsaber right here (we’ve got a variety of colors to choose from); plus, Stormtroopers and Mandalorian bounty hunters blasters are ready for action. Finally, no witch costume is complete without a broom – check out our bewitching assortment before you head out on Halloween.