Collection: Historical Costumes

Ever wished you could travel back in history, kids? You can with one of our spectacular historical costumes! Journey through the decades with 1920s costumes, 50s and 60s costumes. Adventures await along the Nile if you choose an Egyptian costume such as Queen Cleopatra, a mighty pharaoh or even an eerie Egyptian skeleton costume. Be a hero in Rome’s famous colosseum in a Roman gladiator costume, transform into a beautiful goddess. Our ancient Greek costumes are not to be missed. Spectacular goddess costumes, Greek warriors, even characters from Greek mythology like our dazzling fiery Phoenix costume. If the Viking era is more your style, explore our exclusive Viking warrior costumes for kids and adults. Find all kinds of ancient costumes for kids and adults, and lots of exclusive designs that will make you legendary long after the trick-or-treating and Halloween parties are over.