Collection: Mens Halloween Costumes

Listen up, guys! The trick to finding a cool Halloween costume is to shop our unique men’s collection. You want to stand out from the crowd, right? Go with one of our many exclusive designs. Like our fierce viking costumes, dark king, or stealthy ninja costumes. Tap into your inner pirate with either our pirate captain or blue brocade pirate. Raggedy and run-of-the-mill they aren’t! If scary costumes are your thing, we have lots of creepy choices. A gruesome zombie football player, an eerie raven king, assorted aliens, or how about an evil Egyptian skeleton? Don’t miss our punk skeleton jacket, cool skeleton jacket, or cool vampire jacket, all of which have coordinating, super-creepy latex masks that will freak people out. If humor is your style, you’re in luck. Nothing gets a laugh like our men’s inflatable costumes and piggyback costumes. Check ‘em all out! Finally, our stand out suits (suit-and-tie combos) make easy, Halloween-ready looks that put you in the Halloween spirit without going overboard. Patterns include skeletons, rubik’s cube, bugs…find the one that suits you best. With our great collection, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your family’s costume theme and Halloween parties.