Kids Halloween Costumes for Every Event

Kids Halloween Costumes for Every Event

Summer’s setting…and Halloween is creeping up! Watching kids get into the spooky spirit is one of our favorite things. Yours too? We all want to make their costume fantasies come true, so now’s the time to start choosing those all-important Halloween costumes for your own kids.

Make our exciting new Halloween Costume Collection your first stop. It’s filled to the brim with creative, cool, kid-favorite costumes and accessories. Whether your own little goblins are heading to a Halloween party, going trick-or-treating or it’s costume dress-up day at school, there’s a spooktacular look that’ll stand out among the throngs this Halloween. Here’s some inspiration to get those ideas bubbling!


My child wants a scary Halloween costume, so what’s scary but not too scary?

You can never go wrong with a classic scary costume – a friendly fright is what Halloween’s all about! But we get it – you want them to have fun, not nightmares. Take a look at our Spooky & Scary collection for spine-tingling costumes you’ll both love.

  • Witch costumes this way: If your daughter wants a dark but not-too-devious witch, this spectacular Midnight Witch will make her queen of the coven. A long, tattered crinkle satin dress, dramatic looking hat, broom and accessories, there’s nothing quite like her. (There’s a white witch too, for an unexpected twist.) On the other end of the spectrum is our Love Potion Witch, who’s all pink, red and super-cute! (Who says witches don’t have a heart?) Then there’s Batty Ballerina Witch, a bewitching mix of tulle and bats. Bonus: there’s a mom version so you can go as matching witches. Double trouble!


  • Ghost stories: She can transform into the most amazing apparition as Ghost Girl. A shimmery dress and ethereal cape make her a pretty eerie sight, we have to say. Boys can haunt the neighborhood as this Scary Ghost dressed in a dark robe with tattered mesh details. Notice the ghostly faces in the fabric? Are they watching you? He’ll be the talk of the neighborhood! 


  • Dig up skeleton costumes: If you want your daughter to stand out, our exclusive Skeleton Princess costume is a must-see. Girls love the glittery skeleton print, and full skirted gown with ornate designs. Or how about a Three-Headed Skull Skeleton, with giant skull headpiece that’s definitely creepy-cool.



What if my child doesn’t want a scary Halloween costume?


Never fear! If your little one wants more “sweet” than “eeek!” we’ve got ‘em covered with some of the cutest Halloween costumes you’ll find anywhere.


  • Cute Halloween costumes coming up: Your daughter can prowl the neighborhood as this cute Black Cat with tutu-style skirt and little paws (there’s even a matching version for mommy cat!). People will be cheering for this adorable ‘50s Cheerleader complete with poodle skirt and letter sweater. (Which also has a match for mom, by the way.) From the sea, catch this wave-making Great White Shark or sparkly Sequin Mermaid in shades of purple and aqua. They’d be super-cute for matching sibling costumes, or adorable on their own.
  • Funny costumes bring smiles: Tickle funny bones with a humorous costume like our Crazy Cat Lady! The bathrobe’s embellished with plush cats, comes with curlers and eyeglasses. Even dog-lovers love it! Or how about a cool Alien Attack Astronaut Costume? Kids can fool everyone into thinking they’re about to be swept up into space by a green alien! The reactions they’ll get just add to the fun.


  • Toddlers look aww-dorable: Let’s face it, toddlers melt hearts no matter what costumes you dress them in! But here are a few standouts to consider for your little one… With its pinks, purples and horned headpiece, this soft Unicorn costume is beyond cute. We love how great the quality is too, so tots stay comfy. Can a green, 3-eyed Monster be considered cute? This wee one sure is! Cap’n Stinker is a sweetie, especially if your family dresses together in pirate-themed costumes. Even if they don’t, your little swashbuckler will steal the show in his red and black stripes, wide belt and matching bandana cap.


My kids love dressing up as their favorite characters, what about movie and TV costumes?


Channel over to our unique selection of popular Halloween costumes from TV & movies. You’ll find lots of “above and beyond” costumes that just might earn kids extra candy for looking so amazing! Because they’re so well-made, these top-quality “ultimate” costumes will hold up to whatever dress-up adventures your kids dream up all year-round.




  • Calling all Disney princesses: Make your girl’s dreams come true with one of our enchanting Disney costumes. The exclusive designs (yes, fully licensed by Disney) feature premium fabrics and incredible craftsmanship. Not only will your princess enjoy lots of imaginary adventures, the hand-me-down quality means they could be passed to a niece, cousin, or lucky neighbor. (And don’t miss our little Olaf costume for babies and toddlers. He’d melt any frozen heart!) Fans of the Descendants will find their favorites Uma, Mal, Evie and Audrey. These make terrific sister or best-friend costumes, too.



We’re throwing our own Halloween party – what are some fun family Halloween costumes?


Sounds fun! Hosting a party at home gives you a chance to really play up your dress-up roles. Matching family Halloween costumes always make a statement – and are remembered long after the candy is gone. (In fact, customers tell us some of their best Halloween memories come from wearing their family costumes from Chasing Fireflies!) We’ve got lots of awesome Halloween costume ideas for your family – from scary to silly to swashbuckling to showstoppers.


  • Tales from the crypt: Who better to host your Halloween party than a family of bloodthirsty vampires? Our wicked Batty Vampires are available for mom, dad, brother and sister. Make them as glam or gruesome as you want with the right accessories like fake blood, fangs and paste-y makeup, heels, flats or boots.


  • Score a touchdown: Zombie costumes are always popular, but why not give your family’s a twist with creepy Zombie Football Players and Zombie Cheerleaders? The guys get a tattered jersey and pants, plus a helmet with brains showing. “Awesome!” according to boys. Imagine that. For mom and daughter, a creepy-cute cheerleader costume, complete with dirt smudges and blood stains. Warning: these are popular Halloween costumes, so score yours before they’re gone.


  • Fierce warriors this way: For a real adventure this Halloween, transform your family into fierce, don’t-mess-with-us Viking Warriors. They’re our exclusive designs, so the quality’s really incredible. The attention-to-details, premium fabrics, they really stand out for their uniqueness. In fact, the neighbors may ask where you parked your ship! And yes, everyone gets into the act: mom, dad, sister and brother. Speaking of kids, we can almost guarantee you’ll be seeing their Viking adventures long after the trick or treating.


  • Spooky touches for every space: No haunted house is complete without frightful finishing touches! Check out our Halloween decorations & props collection to find skulls, skeletons, tombstones, black crows and unexpected items to set a spooky scene throughout your home. String Halloween lights to create an eerie mood all month long. There’s also lots of kid-friendly décor, because you never want things too scary, of course.


Don’t let Halloween sneak up on you. Land those favorite Halloween costumes now – it’ll be one less thing on your “to do” list come October. And who knows? Your gang might be the best-dressed in the neighborhood this year!

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