Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Labor Day weekend – our annual celebration of American workers and their achievements – marks the unofficial end of summer and start of fall. And fellow parents, we all know what that means. Yep – school bells will soon be ringing. In many parts of the country the weather still feels like summer and will for weeks, so dressing our kids comfortably for the school day presents a challenge. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of ways to help you get the most out of their summer items, yet look fall-ready at the same time.

Also take a look at (drumroll please): our newest Fall Collection! It’s filled with stylish, can’t-wait-to-wear fall outfits that’ll take your kids comfortably through the chillier seasons. Of course, we cannot forget fall means one of our very favorite holidays is on the horizon…we see you, Halloween! More on that coming up.


How can my kids get the most out of their summer wardrobe come fall?

We get it, kids are constantly growing and chances are, they’ll have outgrown their shorts and tees by the start of the next summer season. To make the most out of their summer staples while still embracing fall fashion, layering fall clothing on top of summery pieces is key. Battle those fluctuating temperatures during this transitional period with layers they can pull on and off, so kids can be prepared for whatever the weather might throw at them during their busy school day.

  • Have fun with hoodies: Super-comfy, cool enough for kids, and practical, should an unexpected rain shower pop up. Here are a few hoodies that make the grade with kids. The name says it all with our Foil Star Tie-Dye Hoodie. Dramatic stars, a funky tie-dye print, and it even has matching shorts for warmer days. Girls love it with jeans and leggings, too. Sold! How about this Blue & White Star Print Hoodie? A bit more subtle, but with its just-right weight and go-with-everything colors, a definite winner. For a hoodie that won’t get lost or left on the bus, try this High Street Painter’s Camo With its edgy looks and broken-in comfort he won’t want to part with it. If your boy prefers a more classic style, this lightweight, Grey Stripe zip-front piece is just the ticket.
  • Time for tights: many of her summer-favorite skirts and dresses easily become “fall worthy” with cozy tights or leggings underneath. Let her pick her favorite patterns – we have lots! – like these Gray Mouse Tights. Super-adorable (which she cares about), plus soft and cozy (which you care about). Or how about these fun Footless Tights with wink pattern and faux pearl accents? Warm, whimsical, and where were these when we were kids?!
  • Welcome sweater weather: Toss a vest or special sweater over a lightweight summer outfit to handle those cool-morning-warm-afternoon days. Like this snuggly Faux Fur Vest complete with sparkly details. It takes her leggings-and-tee outfit into fall, plus it’s sure to be pulled out of her closet more times than you can count this winter. Mention “cardigan” and she might think “boring.” Well here’s one in our collection that’ll change minds. Black and White and supersoft all over, it boasts silvery hearts and faux pearl embellishments. All of which make it surprisingly versatile, not to mention loved. Your little man on campus can toss on this collegiate-inspired Cardigan – so ideal for school, right? Love the marled shading and shawl collar. For a hip look, try this Moss Glen Plaid Hooded Shirt. Gives little guys jacket warmth with hoodie style. Great for fall, winter and right into spring.


My kids hate layering – how do I keep them warm without bulky clothes?

If your kids aren’t fans of layering, don’t fight it. Just opt for slightly thicker fabrics (which feel “softer” to them), ditch the tees for long sleeves, put her in longer skirts and sweater dresses. The trick is to find pieces they love, so they hardly notice they’re well-covered for chilly weather. We’ve got some great styles to consider…for less layering and more playing.

  • Knit hits: You’ll notice a little more heft (i.e. warmth) to our handsome Camden Top’s knit fabric. Marled yarns, faux layered look (which always looks cozier!) and easy henley neckline make it a definite winner for back-to-school. How adorable is this Penelope Tee? Feels like a supersoft sweater knit, which makes it ideal for fall’s unpredictable weather. Covered with rainbows, it’s got a cute crossover hem detail. She can pair it with jeans, skirts, leggings – whatever suits her fancy.
  • Slip on sweater dresses: If you’ve ever worn a sweater dress, you know how cozy they feel. Treat your girls to the same. Here are a few seasonal favorites to keep them warm without weighty layers. Our Pumpkin Tutu Dress is popular for good reasons. Like, the pink pumpkin motif, tulle skirt and sprinkle of rhinestones. Or how about this super-cute Sweatshirt Dress with faux fur stars? It couldn’t be more comfy. For a unique standout style, try this Chic Pearl Butterfly Dress. The black color and easy skater styling are made ever-so-sophisticated with a pearl butterfly motif. Looks fabulous with boots or flats, for school and special occasions.


Halloween is creeping up on us!

Consider this your friendly reminder that it’s never too early to start thinking about those all-important Halloween costumes! We have tons of exclusive and kid-favorite costumes in our Halloween Collection that let your little ones stand out in the crowd. Let ‘em find their favorites soon, before they sell out! Because believe us, it’ll be a joy to have your costumes in the bag for a stress-free October. Here’s just a sampler of what’s in store…

  • Scary costumes this way: Get into the spooky spirit with one of these scary (but not too scary) costumes. Kids can turn into this skeleton with Three-Headed Skull and give everyone a spine-tingling fright. That giant skull headpiece – yikes! Our Blue Dragon features a horned headpiece, wings and tail, for a demon creature you don’t want to encounter alone. As for girls, there are lots of devils out there…but none quite like this Punk Devil! This too-cool costume lets girls tap into their inner devil (ha!) but in a fun way. Your daughter might want to get all dolled up in this creepy Voodoo Doll costume, with tattered dress and bleeding heart.


  • Sweet costume treats: satisfy your child’s sweet tooth with a super-cute Candy Fairy. A frothy tulle confection-of-a-dress with candy embellishments and lollipop-shaped wings! Or your little sweetie might love this yummy Sprinkles Donut. This adorable Car Hop Waitress is always a hit serving up fun wherever she goes.
  • Beware the warriors and ninjas: turn your Halloween into a real adventure! Our awesome, one-of-a-kind Ninja Warrior costumes can be worn by the whole family. Start practicing your stealthy moves now! Another standout family group costume is these fierce Viking Warriors. You’ll look like you just stepped off a Scandinavian war ship.


So move over, summer – fall is knocking on our door. And with a few simple moves you can make the seasonal transition smooth and fun for everyone in your family.

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