Collection: Grease Costumes

If Grease is the word for your costume, Chasing Fireflies is the place to shop for it. You’ll find one of the best selections of quality costumes (for kids and adults) this side of Rydell High School! Who’s your favorite Grease character? Want to put together a Sandy costume? Maybe a Danny costume? Look for ‘50s leather jackets, black leggings, poodle skirts, cool black shades, chiffon neck scarves, and other accessories to complete your Grease costume. If a Frenchy costume or Pink Ladies costume is more your style, you can rule the school in an exclusive design that would make ‘em proud. For you T-Birds wannabes, rock a cool Greaser leather jacket, black shades and add a little attitude. You’re on cruise control! Cheer on the home team dressed as our ‘50s cheerleader, in a full skirt, letter sweater and swishy pompoms. Gimme a “G!” Gimme an “R!” Gimme an “e-a-s-e!”