Collection: Kids 50's Costumes

Kids can bring the rock ’n’ roll decade to life with their cute ‘50s costumes from Chasing Fireflies! Our one-of-a-kind collection includes ‘50s fashions like swingy poodle skirts, ‘50s style dresses, leather jackets, letter sweaters, even retro sports costumes. Young fans of the movie Grease can dress as one of the Pink Ladies, complete with satin jacket, leggings and striped top. How cool will your little T-Bird look in his black leather jacket, jeans and black shades? Girls who want to play ‘50s cheerleader can lead the squad dressed in a twirly red skirt and matching letter sweater. Over at the diner where everyone hangs out, ‘50s music is playing on the jukebox while malts and burgers are served with a smile. Your girl can choose from several adorable ‘50s diner girl costumes: a donut waitress, car hop, cupcake waitress or pancake waitress. She’ll look super sweet! The right accessories can turn an ordinary costume into an unforgettable one, so look for lots of great ‘50s accessories. Saddle shoes, wigs of ‘50s hair styles, chiffon neck scarves, cool sunglasses, gloves, pompoms, petticoats, a Pink Ladies bowling bag, and more!