Collection: Sophisticated Style

When it’s time to dress to the nines, it’s time to visit our sophisticated style collection. Here you’ll find lots of stylish clothes for teens, tweens, and kids who have a fun passion for fashion. The modern silhouettes have detailing that elevate any outfits they wear. Look for unique girls’ dresses, faux leather pants and rompers, plus luxe faux fur coats, jackets and neck scarves. Girls (and moms) love our Chanel-inspired dress sets, sparkly hair accessories, and purses which make fabulous gifts (hint, hint). For boys, extra-special occasions call for our smart tuxedo blazers, pants, and the perfect tuxedo shirt. Less formal but tailored for comfort and style, our popular mod suits come in a variety of patterns and fabrics. Any of these sophisticated looks will look incredible at holiday events, weddings, school recitals, and that big family dinner.